Mold Removal & Remediation in Orange County: 5 Eco-Friendly Options

There is a small chance that you’ve never seen mold on your walls, and if that is the case, consider yourself extremely lucky. Mold is a very common occurrence in most homes and is a pain to get rid of. It can enter your home through open windows, doors and ventilation systems. When it comes in contact with moisture it begins to grow. It thrives in contact with most materials used in house construction such as wood, titles, wallpapers, carpets, insulation materials, and the list goes on.

Apart from being extremely unsightly, mold can also be dangerous if it is too widespread as it can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems both in healthy individuals and those who are suffering from asthma. Apart from that, some molds are known for producing a toxic substance called mycotoxin which can pose an even more serious threat to your health. Using dangerous chemicals like borax or bleach to combat molds can also expose you and your family to harm. The best way to get rid of mold is to contact experts in mold removal in Orange County, but if you choose to battle this nasty foe on your own, here are a few tips on how to get rid of them without any danger to your health or the environment.


Commonly found in every kitchen, vinegar can be your best ally in the battle with mold. Vinegar is a mild form of acid and has proven to be very effective in mold removal. It can be used diluted in water, but it is much more effective if it is applied in its pure form directly onto the area affected by the mold. After spraying the vinegar, leave it for a few hours, then use a brush to scrub the mold off. If you can’t stand vinegar’s unpleasant odor, you can add essential oils, but only a few drops.

Baking Soda

Mixed with vinegar, baking soda can further help remove persistent molds, although it is a pretty strong asset even on its own. Dissolve it in water, or make a mixture of water and vinegar and spray it across the area affected by mold. Leave it for a while, then scrub the walls and wipe with a damp cloth. The good side of using baking soda is that it leaves no unpleasant odors.

Hydrogen peroxide

Apart from being extremely effective against molds, hydrogen peroxide can help you get rid of bacteria and viruses. To get rid of molds, spray the infested area with three percent hydrogen peroxide and leave it for around 10 minutes, then use a damp cloth to clean the walls. You can use hydrogen peroxide on almost any surface including kitchen appliances, walls or floors.

Tea tree oil

The most expensive solution on this list, tea tree oil is popular in most households as only a few teaspoons of this substance are enough to keep the persistent mold at bay for a while. To remove molds using tea tree oil solution, spray it on the infected area, but do not rinse. Be warned, tea tree oil has a peculiar odor that takes a few days to dissipate.


A good offense is often the best defense. Taking every precautionary step of mold-proofing your home can save you hours of cleaning. Be sure to check for pipe leaks or otherwise humid areas and keep them contained and dry. Make sure that you have a good ventilation system in place, service your AC regularly and vacuum your carpets. Don’t give molds fertile ground to thrive on and you will not have to worry about having to clean them.

Seeking help with mold removal in Orange County?

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