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Slab leak detection and repair: leave the task to experts

Are you living in Orange County, California? Are you a victim of slab leaks? Do you sometimes see water spots on your floor or experience unbelievably high water bills at the end of every month? If yes, then it is about time you contacted an expert –a reliable company that will serve your needs and monitor the effect of repairs for a longer period.

No one does this better than emergencyhomesolutionsoc.com (EHS). On top of being reliable, EHS are known to provide customer care services. The reason you need a professional is because slab leaks aren’t one of the do-it-yourself home repairs that can easily be done by just anybody. They need an expert and the sooner, the better.

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Besides being reliable, timely and affordable, EHS has some other qualities. If you depend on your insurance policy to save you the cost of dealing with slab leaks, but the insurance company threatens to reduce your coverage, Emergency Home Solutionscan negotiate your claims so that your coverage is maximized for approximately 10 years.

Do you think you have a slab leak?

One of the hardest things to discover, when it comes to home repairs, is a slab leak. Unless you experience high water bills, moist floors, or water spots on your floor, it is common to assume that nothing is happening. Slab leaks might not seem to be a big deal, but what you mustn’t forget is that the leaking copper pipes are under the foundation of your house and buried under cement. Apart from just experiencing high water bills that you might be able to afford sometimes, the water will slowly soften your foundation causing more damage.

The bad news with slab leaks is that they can cause permanent damage to your structure. The good news is that if they’re detected early, they can be repaired, which saves you the cost of water bills and home repairs that might have resulted due to the damage. It is, however, necessary to have some knowledge on how to detect leaks before you contact an expert.

Having that in mind, let us take a look at some of the ways you can detect slab leaks at their earliest stage:

  1. All the water in your house is turned off, but you can still hear sounds of running water. The sound of running water means that there are holes in the copper pipes that are leaking despite all the water being turned off.
  2. There is excessive moisture/mildew on floors or carpets. This is a sign of a cracked slab.
  3. Minor or major cracks on your floors or walls indicate the leak soaked your floor or wall and as these surfaces were drying, cracks appeared.
  4. Hot water spots on the floor signal that there is a hole in the hot water pipe causing the leak.

Another good and very efficient method for determining a slab leak is to conduct a meter test. How? Simply, just read your meter regularly to find out how much water you use. If the reading is higher than usual, then it is time to look for more evidence. The reading will also help you know the size of the leak. The test will be most indicative when water is not being used in the building.

The meter test procedure

  1. Make sure no one is using water in the house.
  2. Put down in writing the meter reading at the start of the test.
  3. Give it not less than half an hour to read it again. If the reading hasn’t changed, then your house is free from slab leaks.
  4. Repeat the procedure for all the valves under the bathrooms and toilets to ensure there is no chance of leaks. If you the meter reading still doesn’t change you don’t need repairs, but if it is otherwise, look for an expert immediately.

Don’t do it on your own, go for experts

Don’t rush to destroy a slab in search of leaks when you are not sure. What happens if you don’t find the leak? Well, you will need to repair the plate and that would be a cost incurred unwisely. If you suspect there is a leak, just contact plumbing experts because they have better options that may not involve destroying your property.

If you have found indicators ofslab leaks, you don’t need to wait until the symptoms become more visible. If you realize your slab is leaking, go for repair immediately, and the best way is to contact EHS’s experts, explain the core of the problem and let them do their part.

The procedure of slab leak repair

  1. Accessing slab leaks – Having detected the location of the slab leak, experts will break a hole in the plate using a jackhammer. The flooring is then removed so that the concrete is visible. After the concrete is exposed, the dirt is removed to expose the leaking copper pipes.
  2. Water lines repair – Most water lines are made of copper that isprone to aging with time.As a result, the wear creates holes in the tube causing the leak. The leaking part must be cut and replaced with a new copper tube that is soldered onto the remaining tube to ensure it is properly fixed.
  3. Sewer lines repair – When it comes to sewer lines repair, experts must be involved. Why? Because sewer lines contain toxic human waste. Experts know how to handle this, and so the work should be left to them. Repairing sewer lines requires a particular type of rubber which is connected to the leaking parts of the sewer pipes. The good news is that most sewer pipes are outdoors and easily accessible.

As we have seen, a slab leak repair is a process. It is not as easy as just fixing a leaky faucet. The existence of holes must be confirmed and located on site before the next move. Holes must be made through the slab. This is followed by soldering and choosing the right type of pipe to replace the leaking one.

Repairing a slab leak is not a task that just anyone can do. It requires skill and experience to avoid accidents and mistakes that can lead to further damage. When it comes to a slab leak repair, experts are called for, and if you are living in Orange County, California, no one does this better than Emergency Home Solutions.

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In summary, a slab leak is a major problem that requires an expert, and if you live in Orange County, EHS would be the wisest choice to make. EHS prides itself on highly skilled professionals with a wide experience in dealing with slab leaks. We are competent, equipped with top-notch devices, and articulate when it comes to communicating the problem and solution to the customer. The best thing is, we serve the entire area, offering:

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