In today’s world, homeowners have many aspects of daily life which need to be taken into account in order to have a peace of mind. They all take up much of their time, leaving some potential hazards unchecked.

Unfortunately, mold is not uncommon in Irvine and its environs. It can appear in all types of houses and buildings, especially if there are many sources of possible leaks. An important factor in its creation is the warm climate and surroundings. The most important step one can take is to test for mold. That is why it’s important to call in Emergency Home Solutions – a trustworthy mold removal service provider serving Orange County.

Efficient mold testing

Having your home or office tested for mold is probably not the first thing on your list of priorities. This is probably due to preoccupation and lack of awareness. Mold can present a serious problem if not detected in time. A timely inspection and testing can present a big difference in outcome.

If left unchecked, mold can lead to some serious problems in your Irvine, CA home. It can endanger the health of your family, cause allergies or other unwanted reactions. Before looking for a remedy, look for a solution before the problem starts!

Emergency Home Solutions offers superior mold testing service, so you don’t have to worry about it yourself. Our technicians are fully equipped to find and remove all types of mold, which means your home will be in safe hands.

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    Dependable mold remediation services in Irvine

    If testing concludes there is mold in your home in Irvine, CA, it is time for remediation. This means that the infestation should be removed from the household, in order to continue everyday activities. EHS dispatches technicians who are equipped for handling mold, using cutting-edge technologies. They always think about safety first.

    Removing mold can be a tough and strenuous work, but this isn’t the case with the modern mold remediation equipment. At EHS, we will make sure every corner of the property is inspected and remedied. We understand all the steps necessary for successful remediation and adhere to the required safety standards.

    If the mold was caused by a water leak, it is necessary to take care of the water problem itself and fix the broken pipe or other element. This enables us to remove the mold manifestation to the very last bit, right from the source. Eliminating the source means making sure the outbreak will not happen again.

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    Since a mold infestation usually causes some damage to its surroundings, you will probably need to repair and restore some of the furniture and house elements. This is another area where we have you covered, because we provide top-notch restoration. It is done thoroughly and carefully, respecting your wishes.

    Call the leading mold removal & restoration company in Irvine & beyond

    In need of mold testing or removal? Call EHS for fast, affordable quality solutions in Irvine and the area. Whether you need our reliable mold removal & restoration services in Aliso Viejo or you want us to inspect your property in Tustin for mold, reach out to us! We offer customized mold remediation solutions, and our services are available 24/7!

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