Mold can create quite a headache for homeowners or property owners in Lake Forest. Of course, it can happen that you will never come across such an occurrence, but it is best to be prepared. First of all, you should inspect all nooks and crannies of your property to make sure mold hasn’t appeared.

If there are no visible signs, but you want to be completely certain, pre-testing for mold can be done. This can lead to two possible outcomes – either your house is fine or you will need mold removal. There are several points to have in mind while testing, but the key is to hire reliable professionals who service Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, and neighboring areas.

Mold can appear in various forms and can present a serious health hazard. This is especially true for people with some forms of allergies or other respiratory problems, which can only be aggravated with mold present. Emergency Home Solutions knows the importance of a timely inspection which can render mold inspection surplus and save you money in the long run.

New signs of allergies in household members could also be a sign that mold has appeared nearby. This should prompt you to remember all possible places of leakage or water damage, which can, later on, cause an outbreak.

Although you might think removing the mold yourself is a good idea, this can be true only for a minor issue. However, in most cases, it is best not to risk anyone’s health and call professional mold removal service in Lake Forest.

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    We offer efficient mold remediation solutions

    EHS specializes in comprehensive mold remediation services available across Orange County. Our technicians are trained and well-equipped to handle mold outbreaks in commercial & residential properties across Irvine and the area. Our professional approach to remediation takes into account all principles necessary for a job well done. Although the service is above board, it will not be financially burdening.

    The first step during an inspection in safety, so EHS employees always adhere to safety regulations. Professional equipment enables a thorough threat assessment, which dictates the steps from therein on. Before the key procedure, contamination should be contained, so that mold would not spread.

    Then, the source of the infection should be found and eliminated. Mold remediation requires complete removal of the source, with additional cleaning and filtration of air in order to prevent new cases of spores.

    Another way to make sure mold will not return is to remove any moisture, coming from a nearby water source, which might have caused the outbreak in the first place. This kind of remediation will prevent the possible large-scale restoration of areas damaged by mold appearance.

    Rely on us for quality mold restoration services

    In case mold has managed to infect your household and removal wasn’t conducted in time, you need to call Lake Forest experts for restoration. Don’t worry, everything is manageable with the right equipment and trained professionals. We will remove the affected items and dispose of unusable materials, and restore the ones where it is possible.

    Hire the most reliable mold removal service in Lake Forest & beyond

    For all your mold testing, removal and remediation services, EHS offers quick responses, well-trained technicians and low prices of intervention. Call us to schedule an inspection.

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