What You Need to Know about Asbestos Removal

July 13, 2017

The use of asbestos in building materials was prevalent just several decades ago. Asbestos is a group of naturally-occurring minerals composed of small fibers, used in the construction and building industry because of its strength, durability and affordability. It is now well-known that asbestos fibers pose a health hazard when airborne and can cause lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

There is no health risk as long as asbestos is bonded into intact products. Asbestos is dangerous when friable. Damage and deterioration will increase its friability. Aging, water damage, and physical impact can break the asbestos-containing materials. Fibers are then more likely to release. For this reason, if you are a resident of Orange County, contact a trusted emergency plumbing Dana Point company that offers certified asbestos removal.

Because many older buildings contain asbestos, it’s possible that you are exposed to this hazardous material without realizing it. Our experts at Emergency Home Solutions have prepared several signs that might indicate you need to seek out an expert asbestos removal contractor. Here’s what you need to know.

Old building materials

If your house was constructed before or during the 1980s, chances are materials containing asbestos were used. Asbestos can be in the walls, ceilings, tiles, insulation and pipe cement, as well as in flat corrugated roofing and bitumen roofing. There is a possibility that your flooring tiles with 9 by 9 inches of size, vinyl tiles and vinyl sheet with paper or millboard are also contaminated with asbestos. Due to its insulation and fireproof characteristics, asbestos was also widely used as insulation for pipes.

Damaged asbestos-containing materials

Look for signs of older materials that have become damaged or worn out such as cracks, dusty areas and spots. Damaged asbestos-containing materials absolutely must be removed. They emit fibers and dust that can jeopardize your health. Contact a reputable asbestos removal company as soon as possible.

Materials at risk of damage

If asbestos-containing materials are at an increased risk of damage in your home, it’s better to have asbestos removed as a matter of precaution. This way, you’ll avoid potential asbestos exposure and health risks if the material starts to decompose. Better safe than sorry.

Home renovation

Embedded in solid materials such as wallboards, asbestos is less easily disturbed, unless the material is cut, sanded or drilled during home decoration, renovation and demolition. If you are renovating a house older than 20 years, have the area tested for possible asbestos. It is difficult to discover if your home has ever contained asbestos unless someone disclosed this information or you’ve checked the original building documents.

Asbestos testing

The only reliable way to know if your house contains asbestos is to call a certified asbestos removal company. If you suspect that you have an asbestos product, call a professional. A trusted emergency plumbing Dana Point company that conducts asbestos removal will test it for asbestos. If the tests confirm asbestos presence, the next thing is to determine the risk of the fibers being released into the air.

Call for emergency plumbing Dana Point asbestos removal

It’s important to know that you shouldn’t remove asbestos without seeking professional help. The removal and disposal of hazardous materials like asbestos should always be left to the professionals. If you are an Orange County resident, contact Emergency Home Solutions.

EHS is Orange County’s leading full-service restoration company that offers 24/7 emergency services. Our emergency services include asbestos removal, debris removal, fire damage, mold containment, board-ups, emergency pack-outs, as well as several emergency plumbing services.

We are a fully licensed and certified asbestos removal contractor and we follow strict safety protocols. Our team will seal off the work area, limit fiber release, remove and dispose of all waste in a secure manner. After the asbestos removal is complete, we’ll perform an air test to make sure it’s safe to enter the room without protective gear. Get in touch with us today!