Emergency Plumber: How to Choose the Best One?

June 28, 2019

A plumbing emergency is something nobody likes, but everyone has to deal with immediately if it arises. Finding an emergency plumber should be your top priority in these situations, because emergency plumbing in Irvine can help minimize the damage and the cost. Unlike the usual plumbing problems, emergency issues can be very dangerous.

This is why you need to find someone reliable when you call an emergency plumber. They have to be professional and know how to deal with the situation at hand quickly and effectively. Here’s what that means.

How to choose the best emergency plumber in your area?

Acting fast in an emergency is crucial, but you also need to make the right choice when deciding who to call and this is what you need to consider.

License and certification

The law requires anyone providing plumbing services to be licensed and this will both ensure that the quality of the work provided is adequate and protect you if something goes wrong. The plumbers need to be certified for the work they do, meaning they have passed the necessary training and have the knowledge to tackle the presented issues. 


Even if you possess Irvine homeowner insurance, the emergency plumbers need to be insured as this protects both them and you in case of mishaps. Should something wrong happen, this will mean that the cost will be covered by the insurance. This includes property damage and personal injuries.


Try to find companies who have been in business for a longer period of time and whose plumbers have held a license for a while now. This means they have been dealing with plenty of plumbing issues and have a proven track record, guaranteeing a job well done.


As plumbing emergencies can happen at any time, you should find a plumbing service which is available 24/7. Waiting for someone for a few days with an emergency at hand can create an even bigger and costlier problem. Find a company which can take your call round the clock and respond immediately.


The location of your emergency plumber is also important because this dictates the response time and pricing. Find a local Irvine plumber who can be there quickly and will save you time and money.


Emergency plumbing services are usually somewhat more expensive than regular interventions, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend all your savings on one. When calling for such a service, look for a company with transparent pricing, which will give you at least an estimate of the cost before the intervention. A quality service provider has nothing to hide, including prices.


Word of mouth might be the best way to judge a company, but you can also go online and look for reviews from former customers. Look for feedback and if the reviews are mostly positive, this means it’s a company you can trust to be efficient and reliable.

EHS offers superb emergency plumbing in Irvine

When dealing with a plumbing emergency you should find someone you can rely on to get the job done quickly and professionally without breaking the bank. EHS provides solutions tailored to your needs and at affordable costs. All you have to do is contact us when the need arises.

Instead of waiting for several days for an intervention, call us to get it done immediately so you have time left to take your kids to Harvard Skate Park. We guarantee the service will be top-notch and budget-friendly and that your home will be in much better shape than when we arrived.