How to Clean Water and Drain Pipes?

August 30, 2019

Cleaning water pipes regularly with proper solutions can lower the possibility that you might find yourself in need of emergency plumbing in Orange County, CA. When you clean the drain pipes on a regular basis, you can feel more certain that a problem such as blockage will never arise. Of course, there are always unexpected issues which can catch you off guard, such as air getting in hot water lines

Realizing or even suspecting that something is wrong with your plumbing should prompt you to action. Although it’s always safest to call the pros, there are ways to deal with some of the problems yourself.

How do you clean drain pipes in a house?

Not cleaning drain pipes leads to clogs and water overflowing, so it’s recommended to use some of the following drain cleaners to prevent that from happening.

  • Dish soap and hot water – Boil around two liters of water and add a couple tablespoons of liquid dish soap. Pour this gradually into the sink and repeat if necessary. It’s great for grease clogs.
  • Baking soda and salt – Fill a cup with one half baking soda and one half salt and then pour it into the drain. Let it stay there overnight, or at least a minimum of thirty minutes, then rinse it with boiling hot water.
  • Plunger – It’s not only good for unclogging the kitchen sink, but also for clearing those small bits of food stuck in the drain. This will clear space for water.

How do you remove mineral deposits from pipes?

Orange County residents know that minerals in the water can lead to deposits in pipes. In order to remove calcium or limescale build up, this is what you need to do.

  • Pour water into pots – Fill a pot with water for each drain you need to treat.
  • Shut off the water – Switch off the main water valve and the heat to the water heater.
  • Empty the pipes – Open all indoor taps and outdoor spigots to let the trapped water run out. Also flush the toilet.
  • Pour down a solution – A natural recommendation is a vinegar and baking soda mix, poured one after the other slowly. Wait for a while.
  • Pour boiling water – Boil the water in the pots from the beginning and pour it quickly down each affected drain.
  • Turn the water on – Turn back all the faucets one by one to flush down the calcium. You might see some chunks of its surface, but all you need to do is scrub the residue off afterwards.

How do you flush iron out of water pipes?

Although iron is a necessary part of human health, it really is not something Orange County residents would want to find in their pipes. It can lead to stains on clothes and bring a metallic taste to water. Here’s how to get rid of it.

  • Check the type of iron – Different variants require different treatments, so determine whether it’s soluble or insoluble iron.
  • Use aeration – It turns soluble iron into insoluble, which is later filtered out of the system.
  • Consider chlorine – Highly effective against various types of iron, chlorine is used via a pump with carbon filter.
  • Oxidation – For low amounts of iron, it absorbs the particles and removes them.

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