Common Causes of Water Damage

October 20, 2015

Water damage comes about when surplus water starts pooling in places where it’s not supposed to. A host of factors can make water build up in inappropriate places and cause water damage. When you know what potential sources of water damage are, you’re able to take precaution measures to eliminate the possibility of problem occurring or at least notice the problem at an early stage. A prompt reaction to an emerging problem will mitigate the damage and diminish the scope of restoration necessary.

Here are some most common factors that can bring about water damage.

Broken pipes

Burst or leaking pipes are obvious troublemakers. Pipes often burst if pressure builds up within and the pipe cannot withstand it. Pressure can rise if the pipe gets blocked up or the temperatures are extreme. Garbage disposal can often get clogged and cause a broken pipe. Tree roots can also penetrate the sewer drains in search for nutrients and moisture. That way, crack and leaks are created as well as a possible blockage. Worn out or corroded pipes are also susceptible to bursting.

Unprofessional plumbing

Plumbing or piping that was done by an amateur or an inexpert service can cause problems. Hoses and pipe joints are weak spots for leakage.

Below and above spaces

Crawl spaces, basements and attics are parts of your home that are more given to water problems.

Crawl spaces are the hollow places below the flooring where pipes and wiring are. If this space is damp and conducive to mold, structural damage can occur. Burst pipes can allow water to leak into the foundation and reach the basement. If your attic is cold and damp or there is air leaking, the inner side of the roof can develop mold and rot. Cracks are very quick to appear after that happens. General advice is to check your home from time to time, looking for faulty or deteriorating piping and malfunctioning light fixtures which would suggest a moisture problem.

Faulty appliances

Old appliances are prone to corrosion and cracks. This concerns primarily dishwashers, washing machines, heater tanks and refrigerators. With time, their pipes lose flexibility and are more likely to develop cracks that can lead to floods. Inspect them regularly, especially washing machines and water heaters.


Heating, ventilating and air conditioning units (HVACs) can be the scene of water damage. Moisture can accumulate in neglected air conditioning units and react with spores in the ducts, which makes a perfect hot bed for mold.

The elements

Weather conditions and natural disasters are something out of your control. All you can do is invest in good quality piping that can endure extreme weather conditions and hope for the best. Of course, if your home gets flooded due to extreme weather, the best thing you can do is contact an experienced service company such as Emergency Home Solutions to minimize the damage and get the problem under control as soon as possible, so no further damage is incurred.

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