Dealing with an Emergency Plumbing Situation

May 31, 2019

Almost every home will have to face a plumbing issue at some time, the only question is how to deal with it. If you are informed and prepared, chances are everything will be done much faster and easier. It’s paramount not to get over your head, as emergency plumbing services can take care of the problem.

Emergency plumbing in Irvine means there are experts who know all about the common plumbing issues. So when you need to call an emergency plumber, be sure to find someone dependable who you can trust.

How to deal with a plumbing emergency in Irvine?

When a plumbing emergency strikes, it’s important not to panic, but keep your cool and follow these steps.

Shut off the water

Shutting off the water as soon as possible is the first step no matter what the emergency is. Try to find the water source closest to the plumbing issue and switch it off. If this is impossible, or you can’t locate the problem, switch off the main water supply valve.

Check the water heater

When the emergency is great, it’s advisable to switch off your water heater. When the main valve has been switched off, the water can build-up inside and the heat might cause it to overheat and burst.

Tackle small leaks

Open the faucets to drain any remaining water and turn it away from the place of leakage. You can fix small leaks by applying plumber’s tape and putting buckets underneath drips. Also, turn on any spigots outside your Irvine home to let any remaining water out of the house.

Call a plumber

Don’t forget to call the plumber as soon as possible and listen to any advice they have on minimizing the damage before they get there.

How to prevent emergency plumbing situations?

Dealing with plumbing emergencies can be stressful and costly, but the good news is that some situations can be prevented in advance. Here’s how.

Introduce maintenance

Pipes are prone to getting damaged over time, so have them inspected every once in a while to check their state. Also, don’t forget the water heaters and other important appliances using water which can cause sudden problems.

Use the drains properly

Blocked drains are among the top reasons for plumbing emergencies. Apart from pipe inspection, the best way to prevent drain blockage in your Irvine home is to be careful about how you use them. The toilets are designed to handle toilet paper but not wet wipes for instance, and you shouldn’t pour grease or fat down the drains.

Know where the main valve is

In case some plumbing emergency does arise, every member of the household should be familiar with the location of the main water valve. Shutting the water off in time is vital in preventing further damage.

Turn water when absent

When you’re away for several days or weeks, be sure to turn off the water, because if something happens, the damage can be enormous.

EHS can take care of all your emergency plumbing situations

If you find yourself facing a plumbing emergency and need assistance, EHS provides flawless emergency plumbing in Irvine. We are fully equipped to meet all your needs and no plumbing problem is too small or too big for us. Our skilled technicians have valuable experience which helps them tackle every issue head on. Whatever the emergency, we are there for you 24/7 and will solve the problem as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Instead of worrying about plumbing issues, enjoy the Irvine Spectrum Center while we take care of the rest.