Emergency Plumbing Newport Beach

Minor leaks need simple tools and take a short time to repair. Major leaks may run out of control. When you spot them, you have to call plumbing specialists right away. Emergency Home Water Damage Solutions is the specialist you want to take care of the job. We are highly recognized for our professionalism and outstanding services. EHS is BBB-accredited and certified by the EPA.

When to Contact Emergency Home Water Damage Solutions

If you are dealing with a plumbing concern in Newport Beach that cannot wait, you should call EHS. We offer same-day emergency response service. The key is to know when you need same-day or emergency service and when the repair can be put off.

Cannot Stop Water Flowing

One of the most obvious times when you should not put off calling in an emergency plumbers Orange County is when you are dealing with constant water flow. In many cases, you can turn off the water at the main line to prevent it from flooding the house. If the line is broken, though, this may be impossible to do. Turning it off through the water company takes time. EHS professionals would take care of all such details for emergency plumbing in Newport Beach.

Major Leaks 

Though a small leak may not seem like a problem, if you cannot contain the water coming from the leak, do not put the repair off. These leaks can lead to significant damage. For example, if a pipe just next to the floor begins to leak, it may ruin your tiles or carpets. The dampness would penetrate the ground surface and spread. It could easily get into the drywall along the edges. Mold and bacteria would thrive thereafter, and it would be a hygiene nightmare for you and your family. If you sense things might get out of hand in this fashion, have an emergency plumbing Newport Beach professional come and do the repairs on the same day.


Most emergency plumbing Rancho Santa Margarita also take care of blockages in addition to water leaks. If there is a problem with any drain in your home, get it taken care of right away. Drains can get blocked very easily causing a backflow in your home. This is not something you want to delay because the clean-up can be expensive. If you notice slow drainage or complete lack of it, call in a professional at EHS for help.

Taking care of an emergency plumber Laguna Beach problem before it escalates into a disaster is essential to minimizing your costs and protecting your property value. Call Emergency Home Water Damage Solutions for all your problems related to emergency plumbing in Newport Beach.