Why It’s Best to Seek Professional Help for Water Damage?

October 30, 2019

When you face water damage, it’s always best to contact certified water damage professionals and let them provide you with water damage restoration in Huntington Beach. Not only do they know where to check for water damage, but they can also give you reliable information and advice on protecting your foundation and much more. Read on to find out why it’s best to steer clear of DIY water damage restoration.

Why should I not handle water damage on my own?

A professional approach brings plenty of benefits to the table and here are some of them.


Unlike regular homeowners, professional technicians who deal with water damage are highly skilled and experienced in that area. They are trained and qualified to perform inspection and restoration with ease. Causes of water damage to walls, basements or bathrooms are well-known to them and will not cause them issues.


Dealing with water damage means figuring out how to treat specific parts of the problem with particular equipment. When you hire professionals, they are already well-equipped for these types of interventions. They can get started on water removal and damage restoration right away, as they have everything required.

Plan of conduct

Not only are they skilled and well-equipped, professionals can come up with the best course of action on the spot. They will quickly determine the extent of damage and the right way to eliminate all problems.

Restoring items

Some of the items damaged by water are salvageable and they just need professional hands to clean them and repair them. You won’t have to be afraid of creating unnecessary additional damage yourself.


You might not be aware of all the dangers which come when dealing with water damage, but the professionals are. They will make sure all health hazards have been properly addressed and inform you when it’s safe to return.

How will certified professionals deal with water damage?

The process might take several days or weeks, but you can let the pros deal with it while you go to Huntington Central Park. Here’s what they will do.

  • Identify the source – The first thing to do is find the source of the water damage and make sure the water supply has been switched off and that the water is no longer running.
  • Remove standing water – While keeping safety in mind, they will remove standing water to prevent further damage.
  • Dry out – Next up comes fully drying the area by introducing air circulation, using industrial fans and dehumidifiers.
  • Disinfect – After drying everything which came in contact with the water, the process continues by properly disinfecting all items.
  • Salvage – Finally, they assess which items can be salvaged and continue to fully restore them.

Is water damage covered under homeowner insurance?

Insurance coverage depends on the origin of water damage and it won’t cover damage which is the result of neglect. You should be familiar with the type of insurance you have before contacting your insurance company.

Damage which is covered:

  • Stormy weather
  • Bad plumbing
  • Damage from dousing a fire
  • Interior roof leakage
  • Overflow from appliances
  • Mold (consequence of types of damage)
  • Vandalism

Damage not covered:

  • Groundwater permeation
  • Sewage backup
  • Floods
  • Leakage from badly maintained pipes

EHS provides impeccable water damage restoration in Huntington Beach

There are some types of water damage which can be prevented in advance, but others can still catch you off guard. When you call EHS to test your preparedness level, we will make sure you are ready for everything that can come your way. We also offer regular inspection and maintenance services to keep your water system in top shape.

If damage has already affected your home, we can help you in minimizing downtime and expenses. We will salvage and repair as much as we can and return your house to its original state in no time!