The Effects of Hard Water on Your Plumbing System

October 25, 2017

Hard water is one of the most common issues regarding water quality. According to a U.S. geological survey, even 85 percent of the water in the U.S. is considered hard water. It contains calcium, magnesium and a variety of trace metals. High levels of minerals can cause problems in appliances and plumbing, urging you to seek emergency plumbing San Clemente services.

Here are common issues that may arise if your home has hard water.

Clogged showerheads

Over time, minerals in water pass can build up around the openings in the showerhead and clog the spray holes. They will restrict the stream of water and decrease water pressure.

If every time you get in the shower you have low water pressure or your showerhead sprays unevenly, the problem is usually – a clogged showerhead. You can solve this problem by removing the showerhead and cleaning it. Soak it overnight in vinegar and then use baking soda and a small brush to rub the nozzles and remove residual limescale.

Damaged glass shower doors

If your glass shower doors have a cloudy look, scale build-up may be the culprit. The accumulation of minerals on glass surfaces can cause etching and permanent damage to the glass. To prevent this from happening, wipe down the shower after every usage.

Build-up on plumbing fixtures

Calcium that is left behind by hard water will cause yellow or white flaky build-up on your showerheads, sinks and faucets. These deposits are a hassle to clean. Limescale develops pretty quickly, making your fixtures look unattractive and dirty.

Clogged water pipes

Those stubborn stains on your plumbing fixtures can be quite annoying so just imagine what’s happening inside the pipes, where you cannot see or clean the build-up.

Copper and PVC pipes aren’t as affected by hard water as steel pipes. Mineral deposits tend to accumulate on the inner surface of these pipes. Limescale will eventually narrow the opening of the pipe, reduce the flow of water, and lower your water pressure.

Though it probably won’t block the pipes, the build-up will increase the chances of developing the clog.

Damaged appliances

Limescale build-up can decrease the efficiency of appliances which use water and shorten their life span. You may need emergency plumbing San Clemente due to the damage from hard water.

Your coffee maker, washing machine and ice maker can have the mineral build-up around the seals and valves, which can result in water leaks. It’s not uncommon for water heaters to need replacement, servicing or repair every few years.

Mineral deposits on the heating element of your water heater will make it work harder and longer to heat water. It has to heat both the build-up and the water inside the tank, which will increase energy costs and diminish the water heater’s capacity and efficiency. A study by the U.S. Department of Energy found that mineral build-up can decrease your water heater’s life expectancy by 25-40 percent.

Spots on dishes

Hard water can leave streaks, spots and a cloudy film on your glasses and dishes. Though they don’t pose a health risk, these spots can be hard to remove and will make your dishes look less clean.

Need emergency plumbing San Clemente?

Hard water can result in less efficient plumbing and more repairs over time. If you’re experiencing any of these problems and need emergency plumbing in San Clemente or another area in Orange County, contact Emergency Home Solutions.

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