The Hidden Damage Lurking after a Flood

October 21, 2015

Water is a good servant, but a bad master, says the proverb. Unfortunately, floods occur in many homes. They usually come about when water leaks or flows in places which are, of course, not appropriate. Floods are a nuisance, in addition to being the cause of many consequent problems in the household. They frequently impose a necessity for redecorating or cause a wave of pest swarms and mold.

Most people think you just need to get rid of the water, but this is not always so. Depending on the location and the size of the flood, you may need to contact professional water damage restoration company. Emergency Home Solutions offers a professional and prompt service available 24/7. We know that floods can strike when you least expect them, but it’s best to react quickly. Why do you need professionals if you are perfectly capable of removing the built-up water? Here are some reasons.

Not All Damage Can Be Seen

There is damage that goes unnoticed until it gets out of control. Let’s have a look at one possible situation. Water seeps from the roof gutter and wets the outside drywall. When you notice the leakage, you fix the gutter and dry the wall. You suppose your troubles are over. However, drywalls are porous. The pores collected water that was soaking the wall and pulled it within. Only professionals can treat this type of damage, as they have chemicals that dehydrate the wall. These chemicals are able to absorb the water. Professionals also have the advanced equipment that can determine the level of moisture in walls and locate it.

After a Flood Mold Follows Suit

If you do decide to repair the flood damage on your own or hire a contractor who isn’t reputable and reliable, you are putting your home at a high risk of developing mold. Mold emerges shortly after a flood, if the affected area wasn’t dried properly and thoroughly. When the residual water evaporates, damp is created. Damp surfaces are an ideal environment that encourages the growth of mold and microbes. This is a serious health hazard and children are the most sensitive to it, as well as asthma sufferers. Then there is the financial burden of mold remediation.

We should make a distinction between ok and hazardous types of mold. In periods of rain certain mold can crop up on the outside of your home, on walls and patios, or near doors and windows. That mold is acceptable. It may be unsightly, but it’s not dangerous. But the mold that surfaces on your interior walls and under the carpets is very commonly toxic. It can trigger allergic reactions with sensitive people, especially asthma patients. Other kinds of mold can be harmful for the nervous system and cause headaches and even memory losses. Mold prevention is a major reason why you should contact a professional to handle a flood in your home.

Pests Find Their Way into Your Home

Depending on the size and location of the flood, your home may become vulnerable to insects invading your home. This can be because the flood soaked floors and walls can produce cracks that act as great access points for these unwanted guests.

Bear in mind that companies that deal with water damage restoration professionally are able to give you a quick assessment of the damage. They also know where to look for the damage that is hard to notice. Emergency Home Solutions is a company certified with the EPA. We are at your service round the clock – let us handle the effects of flood in your home with our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff.