Is Mold a Problem After You Get Rid of It?

June 29, 2021

Will mold come back after remediationNoticing mold in your house is one of the most stressful scenarios you can face. In most cases, you can’t deal with mold yourself. Instead, eradicating it warrants the work of a dependable mold removal service in Irvine, CA to restore the affected areas to their former conditions. However, are you truly safe after the remediation?

You’re about to find out! Read on and see what mold removals experts have to reveal. Let’s learn if mold poses a threat after the remediation process.

Will mold come back after remediation?

Handling mold usually requires you to hire people who specialize in removing mold spores, regardless of the type of mold infesting your home. They can help you return to a normal life once the remediation is complete, but what are the chances of mold returning after the removal?

While this is possible, it only happens if the source of the moisture isn’t repaired, whether it’s a cracked pipe or leaking window. For instance, even if the entire drywall damaged by mold is replaced, the new component can develop spores if it gets exposed to humidity.

How fast does mold come back?

Surprisingly, mold can start growing as soon as its spores attach themselves to an item. It can easily show up within a day or two after the source of water damage begins to take effect. However, since it mostly develops in secluded areas, you may not notice it before it impacts your health.

What keeps mold from coming back?

Even though remediation is a comprehensive job, it doesn’t mean it’ll prevent mold from troubling you in the future. You should take a few steps to minimize the chances of mold being a recurring problem in your home:

Eliminating excess moisture

Moisture is an essential ingredient in mold growth. If you can remove any excess moisture from the house, you can significantly lower the potential for its development and spread.

Wipe up any standing water promptly using a mop and dirty towels. In addition, insulate surfaces susceptible to condensation to add another layer of protection.

Control humidity

The less humid your home is, the lower the chances of mold regrowing. Make sure to control humidity levels in your property. To accomplish this goal, get a humidifier and keep the levels below 50%.

Check for leaks

Be on the lookout for leaks on your roof, pipes, in the basement, and near windows. If you detect any leaks, pinpoint the source and schedule repair services. Otherwise, the leaking will continue, water will accumulate, and you can expect extensive water damage. Once this happens, mold will regrow very soon.

Focus on the bathroom

The bathroom usually sees more moisture than any other area, making it more susceptible to mold. To prevent it from coming back, ensure your bathroom is well-ventilated using an exhaust fan. Moreover, don’t forget to wipe down your shower with a towel or squeegee after each use.

Kick mold out of your house with the finest mold removal service in Irvine, CA

How fast does mold come backWhile it may seem insignificant early on, mold can cause considerable structural damage and wreak havoc to your health. Therefore, reach out to EHS as soon as you notice signs of unwanted moisture. Our seasoned technicians will arrive at your doorstep in no time, with all the equipment and skills necessary to deal with the issue.

EHS works thoroughly and efficiently to restore your home to its former condition. Once the pesky mold is history, you’ll be free to roam Irvine Spectrum without worrying about potential damage to your home.

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