How to Know When Your House Needs Mold Remediation

January 29, 2021

Water leaks can result in many serious and unpleasant conditions, one of which is mold development. Once it settles in your house, it can spread to walls, ceilings, and severely compromise your health. At first, mold may not be visible at all, triggering no reactions from the homeowner. But at a certain point, it will require professional work from a reliable Orange County mold remediation service.

Keep reading and we’ll walk you through mold development caused by water damage and tell you when you should call for help.

Do I really need mold remediation

Do I really need mold remediation?

There are many symptoms of mold growth in the house. They can get pretty serious, harm your health, and ruin the appearance of certain areas. In that case, you need to remove mold from your home to avoid complications.

Here’s which situations require mold remediation:

Musty odors

Mold usually gives off a strong smell. This invariably points to mold development, even though you may not be able to see it. Following the smell will help you detect mold infestation.

Some of the most common locations include areas behind curtains, under your carpets, above ceiling tiles, and in walls with insulation.

Dark-colored spots

If there are dark spots on the walls of the bathrooms or basements, you’re very likely going to need mold remediation. Basements and bathrooms are ideal for mold growth since they contain a lot of moisture. As it develops, mold feeds on organic materials, and if left unchecked, it can lead to discoloration.

Mold can appear in multiple colors. The most common type is black mold, but you can also come across white, gray-green, pink, and gray-brown kinds.

Allergic reactions

People sensitive to mold can suffer a range of allergic reactions. For instance, you may experience irritated eyes, a stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and even scaly or parched skin. If you or your family members develop these conditions, the chances are that there’s mold triggering them. The best cure is to get mold remediation services.

Do you need a professional to remove mold?

No matter the size of your mold infestation, getting a professional is the best option to deal with it. They have tremendous experience and the necessary equipment to completely remove mold. They won’t overlook any areas and will solve your problem permanently.

This is why professional mold remediation is highly recommended:

  • The experts will detect all mold in your house, even if it’s hidden, using cutting edge equipment.
  • They have the proper equipment to get rid of mold from wood, walls, clothes, and other surfaces.
  • They will track down and eliminate the source of mold.
  • The pros can prevent future mold development by replacing the affected materials and using products that curb mold growth.
  • They will repair any damage and clean the contaminated areas.
  • They can advise you on how to proceed after getting rid of mold.

Overall, a professional will ensure that your home is free from mold and that it will remain so in the future.

Do you need a professional to remove mold

Reach out to the finest Orange County mold remediation experts for a superb service

Mold growth is not a thing to be trifled with. It can make your home uncomfortable and unhealthy to stay in. To prevent such an adverse scenario, contact the best mold remediation service in Orange County and beyond. EHS technicians are well-versed in their craft and will get rid of all mold spores in your house, no matter where they’re hiding.

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