How to Make the Most of Your Water Damage Claim

August 30, 2021


Handling water damage in your house correctly consists of several essential actions. The first step is to address the source and contact reliable Irvine water damage restoration services. Apart from returning your home to its former condition, they will also help you with the subsequent water damage claim. The process can be quite tricky, which is why you want trained experts by your side.

But what else should you do to make the most of your water damage claim? Luckily, many things can increase the chances of receiving coverage, and we’ll tell you all about them. Keep reading!

How do you maximize a water damage claim?

Stop the water source

Once you’ve discovered your water damage situation, take the necessary action to control or limit the destruction. Primarily, try to stop the water source (e.g., a ruptured pipe) or hire a flood damage expert to deal with it. If you don’t react and try to protect your belongings from harm, the insurance company might decline the claim.

Record the damage

To assess the water claim, the insurance company will mandate you to provide proof or indicate the damaged parts of the house. Luckily, documenting the harm with your smartphone camera is quite simple. Take as many videos and photos of the damage as possible and try to include the source of the problem in the process.

Contact the insurance company

Reaching out to your insurance company is one of the most important steps when tackling water damage. Contact them immediately and tell them about the entire situation. Don’t delay this step, or you’ll increase the risk of having your claim denied.

Although you can do these things on your own, leave the process to the professionals. Reach out to a local company that has experience working with adjusters and insurance companies. They’ll go out of their way to give you the best deal possible.

They’ll also provide some handy tips, such as key facts about water damage, the differences between flood and water damage, and how to document all the destruction caused by it.

What should you not say to an insurance adjuster?

In general, adjusters work against you, fostering casual conversations to get you to make harmful statements about your case. Bear in mind that they’re an employee of the insurance company and often want to save the insurer some money. To do that, they look to pay you the smallest sum possible or even no money.

To obstruct their efforts to get the best of you, don’t say the following things:

  • The water damage was my fault – Adjusters look for reasons to lower their employer’s liability. Admitting to your negligence is a sure-fire way to compromise your claim.
  • I’m fine – Never say you’re doing OK, which is especially relevant when answering the “How are you” question. Don’t mention your health during the interview.
  • I agree to a recorded statement – Insurance adjusters usually want to record water damage victims’ statements during the initial call. They may even claim it’s for your own good. However, don’t fall for the trick, as recorded calls can ruin your case.

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