Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Water Damage Restoration?

May 6, 2019

Depending on the extent of damage, restoring water damage effects can be really costly. Good news is that the costs of water damage restoration in Coto de Caza can be lessened by having insurance.

Cleaning after a flood means knowing what are the steps which need to be undertaken and acting quick. What to do with wet carpets, how to get rid of the smell and what needs to be thrown out are some of the important questions to ask yourself. What type of insurance allows you to look for someone to save your home without worrying about the price? Read on to find out.

Does insurance pay for water damage?

If water damage has occurred in your Coto de Caza home, you should find out what are its causes before taking any further steps. The type of damage which is covered is usually classified and sudden and internal.

 This means that if the damage was caused by a lack of maintenance or any type of misconduct, the insurance will not cover it. It must happen within the household and be a product of a sudden and unexpected occurrence. This, however, does not include flood damage, as you will need flood insurance for that.

You might have dwelling coverage, which includes damage to the structure of your home and an attached garage. Personal property coverage helps pay for any damage which water has caused to your belongings.

Is a water leak covered by homeowners insurance?

The short answer is that it usually is, but only if the damage happened suddenly and unexpectedly. Homeowners insurance will cover burst pipes, slab leaks and other sudden plumbing malfunctions. In case there has been a steady leak happening over time, this will be considered negligence and will not be covered.

A way to be sure the plumbing in your Coto de Caza property is under control is to have it regularly inspected and maintained. This should prevent leaks or bursts from occurring. Even if they do, you will be covered by insurance, because such incidents will not be due to negligence.

How do I claim for water damage in Coto de Caza?

If you’ve gone over your insurance policy and determined that the water damage you have suffered in covered, it’s time to file a claim. Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible and describe everything in detail. Take pictures just in case you need to act before they can come to you.

If you also have pictures of how the affected area looked before water damage, they can be valuable in supporting your claim. They will prove that the damage isn’t due to negligence. Someone will come to assess the damage in person, give you an estimate of cost and see if the damage is over your deductible.

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