Why Is Mold Remediation Important?

February 3, 2017

Black mold - Mold remediation in San DiegoIf you know someone who’s had a run in with the dreaded black mold, or in fact, any type of mold, they have probably told you that it needed to be removed promptly. But why? It looks relatively harmless, and it doesn’t appear to be doing any damage. Well, actually it is. Here’s why you need to remove and remediate the mold damage as soon as possible.

Mold remediation in San Diego is relatively common, since the climate is suitable for mold growth. If you encounter, or suspect mold, contact experts promptly. Emergency Home Solutions are experts in this field with over 15 years of experience in the business.

Health risks

First and foremost reason to do anything is if it endangers your health. And mold, particularly black mold, does that in a number of ways. First of all, all molds are allergens, so people and pets who are prone to allergies should avoid moldy conditions. Furthermore, black mold is toxic. The species of fungi which are included in this genus, some 50 of them, can generate mycotoxines, which can have serious adverse health effects. Most common symptoms are pulmonary diseases, and the most likely sufferers are pets, children and those who are immuno-compromised, but prolonged exposure will cause illness in anyone who has been exposed.


Mold grows as a dark stain on your walls, ceilings and other parts of the house. If you care at all for the aesthetics of your home, you will agree that this mold should not be allowed to proliferate and remain there. Especially black mold, which grows in slimy black clumps which are by no standard pleasing to the eye. What’s more, we are instinctively repulsed by the sight of black mold, probably as a defense mechanism to prevent us from eating moldy food. Even when it is dried up, black mold is not dead, just waiting for suitable (wet) conditions to continue its growth. You need to remediate it as soon as you are aware of its existence.

Resale value

This point is intrinsically linked to the previous one. As much as it may be displeasing for you to see mold on your own home, where you feel comfortable and relaxed, it is even worse if you attempt to sell that house. Anyone who is buying a house will be extra aware of all the drawbacks to the house, and seeing mold on the walls, or anywhere else will dramatically ruin the first impression. The market value of a house affected by mold can be staggeringly reduced. Fixing this one problem can help you avoid many other problems in the future.

Further damage

If you believe that mold is not responsible for any damage to your house, but only a consequence of water damage, think again. Mold is a living organism, and a fungus at that. All living organisms need to take in food in some form. Fungi usually eat dead organic matter. And if you live in the USA, chances are that your home is made up almost entirely of dead organic matter, also known as wood. Mold grows best on wooden beams or furniture and even though it may seem like there is little to no damage on it, over time, the mycelia of the mold burrow deeper and deeper into the wood, making it structurally weaker, and if not removed and remediated, mold can cause some serious structural damage to your house.

Mold remediation in San Diego County is one of the primary focuses of Emergency Home Solutions. Contact today for any water damage, plumbing or mold problems you may have. Available any time of day or night.