Mold Removal Orange County

Why is there mold in our house?

Molds are a natural occurrence. Outdoors they are an important link in the circulation of matter as they participate in breaking down dead organic matter. Indoors, they are not welcomed. They reproduce by means of minuscule spores that float in the air unseen. They can come indoors with air and they will spread and start to grow if they land on a damp or wet surface. Moisture is a prerequisite for mold to emerge.

Is mold harmful to health?

Molds can certainly cause health issues. Molds produce substances that can trigger allergic reactions in some and they are even known to produce mycotoxins. Allergic reactions resemble hay fever symptoms such as a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, red eyes and rash. They can appear right away or with some delay. Molds can also activate asthma attacks in sufferers. It’s interesting that people who are not allergic to mold are not necessarily immune to the allergic symptoms.

How can we get rid of mold?

Home mold problems have to be treated professionally. Mold spores can never be exterminated, nor is that necessary. They should only be prevented from developing into mold on a moist surface.

Addressing the mold issue efficiently requires solving the water problem as well. Mold occurrence is always indicative of a water problem, which may not be obvious. Removing mold but without tackling the water issue will generally allow the mold to come back.

What are the guidelines for mold clean-up?

If you have an acknowledged mold problem, remember you should act quickly. The longer mold sits in a place, the more damage it causes. It’s very common for mold to cause permanent cosmetic damage to an item, so it must be removed and replaced. Materials that absorb or are porous should generally be removed as complete clean-up of mold is next to impossible in such cases. This goes for tiles and carpets, for example.

Since mold is hardly ever an isolated problem, it’s best to call in a contractor or a professional service offering water and mold damage remediation. Normally, there is an obvious or hidden plumbing problem that should be tackled together with the mold.

Moldy surfaces should be scrubbed with detergent and water and dried completely. A professional service usually has other chemicals for treating mold as well. These are called mildicides.

Moldy areas should never be painted or caulked over. They should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before applying paint or caulk.

Expensive belongings and those of sentimental value which have been damaged by mold should usually be taken to a professional restoration service.

How can we be sure mold remediation is successful?

The water problem must be solved before mold remediation is started. The mold should be removed and the specific moldy smell shouldn’t be present. However, permanent stains could be unavoidable, but they are not a sign of remaining mold.

Shortly after remediation is over, there should be no signals pointing to a water problem or growing mold.

The occupants of the house or condo should not experience any health issues relating to mold.

Can mold be hidden?

Mold doesn’t have to be visually obvious. Sometimes the place can smell moldy even though no traces of mold are to be seen. If you know there has been water damage on the property and the residents/ occupants are experiencing health problems that could be related to mold, you should call a professional mold remediation service to locate the problem.

Mold can sit on the inside of a drywall or a wallpaper, paneling and ceiling tiles and under carpets. Areas around pipes, behind ductwork and between the ceiling and the roof are also prone to mold.

Locating hidden mold is usually difficult or requires caution. For example, if you do locate the mold successfully but open the area forcefully, you could cause the spores to burst out and spread to other possible sites. It’s most recommended that you call in a professional.

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