Expert Mold Inspection, Removal & Remediation in Tustin

Emergency Home Solutions is your reliable provider of comprehensive mold remediation services in Tustin and the surrounding areas. We have more than 15 years of experience in the business, and that allows us to provide exceptional mold inspection and removal services to all our customers.

We are a full-service restoration business that is able to tackle many different emergency problems. All our technicians employ advanced equipment to first inspect your home for mold and then perform complete mold remediation. EHS is your friend in difficult moments.

Choose our mold inspection in Tustin for a healthy home

Mold is a sly enemy, and it can infest your home without you even knowing it. Also, mold can be quite a serious issue, as it can damage interior walls and cause structural problems in your home. What’s more, mold is a health hazard, and it can lead to different forms of asthma and allergies.

That is why you should schedule our professional mold inspection across the Tustin area to ensure your home is mold-free. Our team of experienced professionals will carefully examine the areas likely to be affected by mold. We use state-of-the-art tools and methods, relying on a detailed approach. With years of experience in the field, we know exactly what to look for when inspecting your home for mold.

What are the signs of mold in your house?

Mold is extremely difficult to pinpoint, and you have no idea that your home actually has a mold problem. However, there are still some signs that point to possible mold growth in your home. If you happen to notice all or some of them, please contact us to schedule a mold inspection in Tustin or any of the surrounding neighborhoods.

  1. Flooding or water leaks – Mold thrives in moist environments, so if you’ve suffered serious water leaks or floods, mold might be growing in your home. Pay attention to cracks and bubbling in your wallpaper or paint, and pay attention to warped or bulging walls.
  2. Condensation – Condensation on your windows and doors is a telltale sign of excessive moisture within your home. Moisture will, sooner or later, lead to mold growth, as it thrives in environments with high humidity.
  3. Strange odors – Perhaps the most important telltale sign of mold infestation in your home is an earthy, musty odor. Mold is often not visible, but you will be able to smell it if you know what kind of odor you’re looking for.
  4. Rust – While rust has little to do with the mold itself, it is a clear indication of excessive moisture in your home. Moisture leads to the appearance of mold, so it is wise to schedule a mold inspection if you notice rust around your home.
  5. Health issues – Finally, if you’ve been developing health issues you haven’t before, chances are there’s mold in your home. Mold can cause the following health problems: sneezing, coughing, sore and itchy throat, runny nose and congestion, sinus headaches, watery and itchy eyes, irritated and itchy skin, difficulty breathing. etc.

What happens during a mold inspection?

When you hire our professionals for mold inspection in Tustin and the nearby area, there’s a certain procedure that goes into inspecting your home for mold. Here’s what you can expect expert us to do during an inspection:

  1. Visual inspection – The primary method of mold detection is the visual inspection of your house. The inspectors will check your home to see if there are any signs of water intrusion, water damage, pipe or faucet leaks, or any other signs that indicate excess moisture.
  2. Surface sampling – When the visual inspection is over, our mold inspector will perform surface sampling of all the areas infested with mold. This will help us determine the type of mold in your home so we know how to eliminate it.
  3. Air sampling – Finally, our inspectors will perform air sampling in order to assert whether there are any airborne mold spores present in your home. There are a variety of techniques for this part of the mold inspection, but the sample is usually created by drawing in air and impacting it over a glass substrate.

Mold removal & remediation that bring ease of mind

After a thorough mold inspection of your home in Tustin or the surrounding area, we can take steps to deliver comprehensive mold remediation services.

We are the leading mold removal and remediation company in Tustin and all of Orange County, and our experienced professionals use cutting-edge technology to detect and remove mold from your home. When there’s a mold problem, EHS is here to provide you with the solution!

How do professionals remove mold?

Our professional mold removal experts in Tustin and the nearby area will employ a comprehensive approach to removing the mold from your home, and follow it up with a process of thorough mold remediation. Here are the two basic steps of mold removal:

  1. Preparation – Before beginning to actually remove the mold from your home, our mold removal pros will prepare the area by laying plastic all over the floors. This allows us to keep your house clean while removing the mold.
  2. Removal – Our team of qualified mold removal specialists will eliminate the mold by spraying it with an EPA-approved liquid that is designed to kill the mold in your home.

As simple as the process of mold removal seems, it is only a single part of the process or thorough mold remediation of your property.

What is included in mold remediation?

Mold remediation is a comprehensive process that ensures your Tustin home is completely free of mold once our mold remediation specialists finish their work. Here are the steps of complete mold remediation:

  • Repairing the underlying water issue in your home
  • Completely isolating the area contaminated with mold
  • Removal of all the porous materials infected with mold
  • Cleaning all the non-porous materials contaminated with mold with EPA-approved substances
  • Performing a detailed visibility test to ensure no mold or dirt is left behind
  • Drying of all the cleaned surfaces to make sure any leftover moisture evaporates
  • Replacing all the removed materials with new, mold-free ones

Contact the leading experts in mold inspection & remediation in Tustin

If you’re suspecting your home may be infested with mold, you should react immediately and reach out to the most reputable mold inspection and removal company in Orange County. Emergency Home Solutions mold remediation experts will help you get rid of the mold in your house quickly and efficiently. Wherever in Tustin you may be, our experienced mold inspectors will be there.

But that’s not all. Besides offering the finest mold inspection and remediation services in Tustin, we also provide detailed mold inspection & removal service in Aliso Viejo, as well as first-rate mold remediation services in Irvine. EHS is here to help you out any way we can. Get in touch today and let us eliminate the mold in your home.

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