What is the cost of a plumbing emergency?

March 5, 2019

How much do plumbers charge for emergency calls?No homeowner likes to see excess water and flooding threatening their home and disrupting the daily life. Regardless of whether the water is the result of a natural disaster or something going wrong within the household, it’s crucial to act fast. Luckily, Orange County emergency plumbing can help you in dealing with such issues.

The cost of emergency plumbing assistance depends on several factors, such as the amount of work needed and the time of occurrence. If you know how to be prepared for a plumbing emergency, this might reduce the need for emergency plumbers. Either way, you need to find plumbers you can trust to do the job right.

How much do plumbers charge for emergency calls?

The usual plumbing fixes are predictable and plumbers already have a price list for each type of intervention. If your emergency situation in Orange County happens during work hours, the difference in cost will probably be minimal. This will depend on the amount of water and the time needed to clean it all up.

If the problem arises outside of working hours or during holidays, the price will definitely go up. Emergency plumbers are available to you at any time, so they will charge a significantly larger fee for special interventions. As a typical plumbing job can cost anywhere between $100 and $500, an emergency call can set you back double, depending on how the job is large or small.

What do plumbers charge an hour?

Plumbing prices can vary depending on the material needed, the location where you are and how urgent it is. For regular cases, plumbers in Orange County usually charge a fee between $45 and $200 dollars. In some cases, they may charge a flat fee instead of an hourly rate.

Whatever the intervention, when something goes wrong with your plumbing system, you should call a professional as soon as possible. The cost of repairs will only increase as time goes by and water damage can also pose a threat to your household if left untreated. You should only hire plumbers who will give you at least a price estimate in advance, including their labor fee.

How much do plumbers charge to unclog a toilet in Orange County?

This is among the most common bathroom issues. There are also several things which affect the overall price, but the average intervention will cost you about $200. This includes simply unclogging the toilet, not removing the existing one and installing a new one.

When the clog is limited to the toilet itself, removing it is simply a matter of determining whether it’s a soft clog or a hard clog. In case there is also some type of backflow coming from the sink, bath or another drain, this will cost you extra. The cost will also rise if the toilet needs to be temporary removed to reach and clean all of the debris and blockage. At the end of the emergency, you may also need to hire a cleaning service like Happy Maids to thoroughly clean the bathroom.

EHS offers you affordable emergency plumbing interventions

What do plumbers charge an hour?Dealing with a plumbing issue is something nobody likes, but it can be solved before you know it with the help of the leading experts in Orange County emergency plumbing. With Emergency Home Solutions, these types of interventions are not only swift and efficient, but also very cost-effective. Your out of pocket expenses will not give you a headache once our technicians have finished the job.

Plumbing emergencies can ruin your day and your plans to go to the Santa Ana Zoo, but we are there whenever you need us. We know a swift response is of the essence, so just leave the task of handling the crisis to our professional plumbers and rest easy knowing your home is in good hands.