Plumbing Emergency: What Is It and How to Deal With It?

February 1, 2019

when to call emergency plumbingIt’s always a good call to have a reliable plumber on speed dial in case of emergency. It’s also a good idea to take the necessary steps to prepare for such a situation and understand dealing with a plumbing emergency actually means.

There are different types of plumbing issues. Some of them don’t require you to reach for emergency plumbing in Orange County, CA, but others do. Determine whether the problem you are facing can wait or if you need to hire an emergency plumber regardless of the potential costs of emergency calls. All that depends on how much the issue affects your daily life and whether there is a high potential for water damage in your household.

What is a plumbing emergency?

Plumbing problems are mostly related to clogging, overflowing and leaking. The household plumbing system and the appliances connected to it are prone to damage over time and they can lead to unpleasant surprises at any moment. However, it’s hardly the same if you have a dripping faucet in the bathroom or a burst pipe somewhere along the pipeline.

Seeing a water flow which can’t be stopped or standing water which can affect both your health and the structure’s foundation are definite signs that you need to search for the most reliable plumbers in your area. These problems can’t wait. They require an expert hand as soon as possible. Most typical ones include an overflowing toilet, a burst or leaking pipe, clogged bathtubs or drains, sewer backup or the absence of hot water.

How to prevent emergency plumbing situations?

A stitch in time saves nine, so you need to always think ahead and be proactive. Here are some of the ways to do just that in your Orange County home.

Clean the drains regularly

Proper use of the home’s drains is very important in keeping them clogg-free and functional. Try to prevent large chunks from going down the drains by installing screens or filters and avoid pouring down grease or fats. Clean the drains every once in a while with special cleaners and pour boiling hot water to break down any leftover chunks.

Know where the valves are

You should always know where the valves for the toilet and sinks are in the household, as well as the main shut-off valve. If a leak occurs, you and all other members of the household should be familiar with the valve placement, so you don’t waste any time when they need to be switched off.

Try all of them out to see if they are working, all the while checking for corrosion. This way, you’ll know how to use them and if you can rely on them when the time comes to turn off the water supply.

Take care of the pipeswhat to do in case of a plumbing emergency

All types of pipes deteriorate as they age, but you can slow down that process by taking certain actions. For instance, use water softeners. Not only will water be more pleasant when taking a shower, but the pipes will last longer. Also, less usage means slower deterioration, so preserve water when you can.

Introduce maintenance

Regular plumbing maintenance can be a great way to prevent plumbing emergencies and save money in the long run. When you schedule a maintenance session, the pros can find small problems and take care of them before things escalate, keeping the plumbing system functional and safe.

What to do in case of a plumbing emergency?

You would probably rather take the family to Disneyland than worry about the plumbing, but, being prepared can mean the difference between a catastrophe and a minor inconvenience. Taking proper steps when it occurs is crucial, so here’s what you need to do.

Shut off the water

Turning off the water supply should be your number one priority. Every second can be precious in limiting the water damage your home sustains. Depending on the scope of the issue, shutting off one valve could be enough, but sometimes you will need to shut off the main valve.

Switch off the water heater

After you shut off the water, it’s recommended to turn off the water heater as well, because the pressure in it will start to rise. If it exceeds a certain limit, the heater can burst, causing even more trouble.

Stop the small leaks

Search for any small leaks and try to stop them by placing buckets under dripping sinks and using plumber epoxy and tape in newly found holes.

Open outside spigots

Go to all the spigots outside of your house and open them, regardless of how many there are, because this is an effective way to drain any water left over in the pipes inside the house.

How do you turn off water supply?

what to do in case of a plumbing emergencyThe importance of knowing where all the water valves are in your Orange County home and how to turn them off cannot be stressed enough. The speed of your reaction when push comes to shove is essential for a minimized level of damage. Luckily, everyone can do it right with a little practice.

The best approach is shutting the valve which is closest to the immediate problem, regardless if it’s a sink, a toilet or another appliance. You might need to switch off several valves, in which case it’s best to turn off the main valve. It’s usually located outside of the house, just where the cold water pipe enters.

Maybe you will need to shut off water not only to your house, but to the rest of the property as well. You can find this shut-off valve close to the water meter, usually in a box underground. The most important principle to remember for all of these valves is you need to turn them clockwise as far as they can go.

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