How to Prevent Water Damage to Your House?

September 27, 2019

Protecting your house from water damage is not always possible, but being informed and prepared really helps. This includes protecting your most valuable assets from water damage in Huntington Beach and knowing the common signs it leaves behind. And, although you might be tempted to handle the water damage yourself, leaving this task to the professionals is recommended.

How can I protect my house from water damage?

There are numerous causes of water damage which can affect various areas of your house. Not only should you prevent water damage to the house foundation, but also consider these other areas.

Indoor plumbing system

  • Inspect faucets and hoses – These should be checked annually for potential leaks and cracks which can affect the quality of your drinking water.
  • Check showers and tubs – The caulking around your showers and tubs needs to be immaculate so you don’t have to look for water in your walls.
  • Shut off water supply when away – When on vacation, shut off water supply to all the appliances via the main shut-off valve.

The home exterior

  • Inspect the roof – As it’s constantly exposed to precipitation, the shingles need to be undamaged and whole.
  • Clean the gutters and downspouts – Good drainage is essential for preventing water damage, so clean any debris and make sure the downspouts are directing water away from the house.
  • Seal the windows – Caulking the windows can prevent water from seeping into the house.

The basement

  • Reseal the basement – Place sealant in vulnerable areas in order to prevent cracks and water seepage.
  • Install a backwater valve – It makes sewage go out and prevents it from returning, so think about installing one in your basement.

How can you tell if your house has water damage?

If you don’t spot water damage quickly it will only worsen over time and cost you more money. So, before heading out to Huntington State Beach, check your house for the following signs of water damage.

Are there changes in floor and ceiling?

When water is seeping into the subflooring due to cracks in pipes, there can be visible changes in the floors and ceilings. Sometimes you have to really look closely to see them, but you might even notice warping in the floor or wet patches of carpets. Also, ceramic tiles might loosen.

Do you notice evidence on walls?

Some of the early warning signs include bubbling or peeling paint or wallpaper. As time passes, the signs can become more obvious, such as sagging and cracking in drywall.

Are there stains and mold?

Water damage leaves behind stains which are typically yellowish-brown in color and can appear in areas with the most frequent water usage. Mold and mildew are signals that there is hidden moisture in the walls.

Is there a musty odor?

Even if you can’t spot mold, sometimes you can smell it due to its musty odor. When you notice such a smell, similar to wet cardboard or newspaper, look for any other visible signs of water damage. 

Are your utility bills high?

A sudden spike in your water bill could signal water damage. When there is undetected leakage, the overall water consumption will increase drastically.

EHS can help with all your water damage restoration needs

Even if you can’t completely prevent water damage in Huntington Beach, there are still possibilities to minimize its effects. EHS offers myriad modern solutions for restoring water damage effects as soon as you notice them. Our technicians use only top-notch equipment to get to the root of the issue as quickly as possible. We are there for you 24/7, all you have to do is reach out whenever you need us.