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    Why call us BEFORE your insurance company?

    The insurance industry has changed drastically in the past few years alone.

    Because of the recent natural disasters, insurance companies are aggressively seeking ways to cut costs and lower claim approvals and payouts. The claims departments have strategically created many loaded questions to be asked when a homeowner calls to report a claim, either to make the homeowner give up on filing a claim or to give information that can deny the claim.

    You are insured for fast and sudden release of water damage (pressurized release by way of plumbing). Good examples are:

    1. Slab leaks (in SLAB)
    2. Supply lines to appliances or fixtures
    3. Appliance failure (manufacturer defect or installation error)

    This is why we highly recommend contacting a professional, certified and licensed restoration contractor prior to contacting your insurance company.

    Another thing to be aware of are “Rope a Dope” mold endorsements sold to you when purchasing your policy. These are in place to get you talking about long-term issues early on, giving your insurance company leverage to limit or deny coverage on damages that should be classified as water damage.

    Want to make sure you’re NOT taken advantage of? Call us.

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