How to Fix a Leaking Shower Head?

December 27, 2019


A dripping sound coming from a leaking shower head is not only annoying, but can also cost you money. An emergency plumber in Coto de Caza can solve this problem quickly and easily before it escalates. Even though it’s not as serious as a clogged main drain, it is the second largest waste of water in your home after a running toilet. But why did the leaking start in the first place and how can your stop it?

Why is my shower head dripping water?

There are multiple reasons why a shower head could be leaking when it’s not in use and here are the most common ones.

Clogged holes

Every shower head has water holes which can become clogged due to mineral buildup. When that happens, water finds other ways and can begin to leak from the top of the face plate or between the pipe and handle. Fixing it is different than unclogging a sink, but it’s just as easy.

A worn seal

Every shower has seals made from specific rings which are meant to prevent leaks. Over time, the seals can break or become hardened so they need to be replaced to stop leakage.

Faulty water handles

Showers with two separate temperature handles have compression faucets behind each. They are each connected to a seal which can break and cause water to leak. To find out which one is defective, see if the leaking water is hot or cold.

How do you fix a leaking shower head?

After the cause of leakage has been determined, it’s time to fix the problem. Here’s what the pros can do about it.

Unclog the shower head

Shut off the water supply and turn the shower head counterclockwise until it comes off. If you find mineral deposits clogging it, soak the whole head in white vinegar and let it sit for six to eight hours. Afterwards, brush it clean and put the head back on.

Replace worn washers

In older showers, washers and rings can deteriorate so they need to be replaced. First, unscrew the faucet handle and disassemble it to find the screw. Remove it and replace the worn rubber washer with a new one.

Replace the diverter valve

This is the part which diverts water from the faucet to the shower head and there are two types of it. If it’s a lever, you need to remove the faucet handle, disassemble the valve and replace the diverter valve or the entire assembly. If it’s on the faucet, unscrew the plate under the faucet to get at the valve.

Replace the cartridge valve

It is located in the two water faucets or the single arm handle regulating water temperature. The faucet handle should be removed to expose the cartridge stem and then the cartridge should be replaced with a new one.

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