5 Signs You Could Have Water Damage in Your Home

May 21, 2018

While some signs of water damage are easy to detect, others require a little bit more of a trained eye. You may have a small leak somewhere in your home that will gradually increase your water bill so you probably won’t notice it right away. If water leaks out every day between the walls or under the floor, it will not only affect your monthly bills, but it can also cause considerable damage to your house. Any water damage Aliso Viejo expert expert would tell you that the key factor in establishing the extent of water damage and its costs is how fast you can recognize the signs of damage and fix it.

Besides paying attention to your water meter and your water bill every month, you should stay alert to a few warning signs. Read on to find out if you may be dealing with a problem that’s causing water damage to your home. Your trusted water damage restoration experts are here to help!

Visible stains and/or signs of mold

When you see dark spots or patches on your walls or ceiling, these are water stains caused by a leak. They are common in areas that contain lots of pipes or see plenty of water usage, such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, and basements.

Also, stay alert to any signs of mold growth in your Aliso Viejo home. Mold just loves moisture and thrives in damp or wet areas and dark environments. Mold often occurs in basements, showers, ventilation ducts, under floorboards and within the walls.

Therefore, if you spot green, black or brown patches in dark and humid areas, you’ll know that you have some kind of moisture issue in your house that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Mold is not only a sign of the underlying water problem; it also has the potential to cause health issues so it should be handled by professionals right away.

Musty odor

If you detect the odor of decaying wood, stagnant water or mildew, these are the telltale signs of a water leak somewhere in your house. Sometimes, a hidden leak can cause mold growth in places you cannot see so you must rely on your sense of smell. If a section of your house smells musty, contact your water damage restoration specialists to conduct a professional investigation!

Floors and walls changing shape

Have you noticed that your tiles have become a bit loose or your carpet is wet without any explicable reason? When you’re dealing with water damage, your wood or laminate floors may start to warp, and your walls may become warping, bloated or swollen, as well.

If you diagnose slight cupping of the floor fast enough and immediately call a reliable water damage restoration company, their technicians will be able to resolve the moisture issue before your floor becomes ruined to the point it has to be replaced.

Bubbling/peeling paint

If you notice peeling or buckling of the drywall, or the paint starts to crack or bubble, it’s best to contact water damage restoration professionals, who can come out to your house and detect any moisture issue that may exist behind the wall.

Wet areas

In case you’re dealing with a slab leak in your home, you may notice water spots on the carpet or water puddles in the basement. If you spot a soggy area in the backyard, you may have an outdoor line leak. There may also be an extra lush or green patch of grass in the area where the water is leaking that suggests that you have a yard leak.

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