Subtle Signs of Water Damage

December 6, 2017

Major natural disasters such as flooding or hurricanes certainly require prompt attention and care from a water damage Newport Beach professional. When they happen, your house becomes uninhabitable in an instant. Being aware that you are in deep water, literally, you would act decisively and without haste.

In most cases, however, water damage is caused by a much less obvious culprit – a slow leak. It usually goes undetected until it’s too late. Don’t let it surprise you. Pay attention to these warning signs.

Musty smell

Most people get alerted only when they see signs of water damage, disregarding their sense of smell. It is the musty odor that can be one of the first indicators of moisture. If you pay attention, you will almost instantly recognize this earthy, muddy smell associated with creeks and lakes. Though often found in the cellar or basement, it may also occur in other areas of your home.

Peeling paint

Sometimes, walls can hide an undetected leak in the pipes. Be on the lookout for visible signs of water traveling the wall voids. If the paint on the wall begins to bubble or peel, it may be worth having a water damage Newport Beach expert inspect the area. They will determine if there is any moisture behind the walls.

Stains on ceilings and walls

Just like the peeling paint, stains or blotches on the ceiling or wall may be the red flags indicating water damage. Water inside the wall cavities and the space between floors can cause stains or blotches as it saturates the wall board or ceiling.

Sagging ceilings and walls

Eventually, saturated drywall and ceiling materials will start to deform and buckle. The added water will make them heavy and you may face a safety hazard if they collapse.

Cupped wood floors

Wood will show signs of water damage pretty quickly. It will start to cup or warp. Cupping happens when water saturates a wood floor. It can happen due to a small and localized issue but may also be the tip of the iceberg.

When water seeps under floor coverings such as vinyl, carpet, wood or tile, call a water damage company, which will assess the situation. It can also remove the floor covering to dry the structure and fix the floors before they become ruined and need to be replaced.

Signs of mold

Just like water, microscopic mold spores find their way into hidden crannies and cracks. And where there is moisture, mold is sure to follow. Watch out for discolored walls and other signs that may indicate you have mold in your house. Mold is a tell-tale sign that there’s some sort of moisture problem. Contact an expert and avoid further water damage.

Increased water bill

If your water bill has spiked dramatically for no apparent reason, it could indicate that you have a water leak somewhere in your home. Depending on where the leak is, there’s a chance you won’t notice it until it has already caused extensive water damage.

Need water damage Newport Beach restoration services?

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