Slab Leak Detection and Repair Ladera Ranch

Slab leak detection & repair in Ladera Ranch, California

Since most slab leaks can go undetected because the leak works from the inside, it is usually recommended that the homeowner pays close attention to other indirect symptoms. This will enable them to make inferences about whether there is a potential slab leak or not.

Detection of a slab leak

The first indirect symptom that the homeowner should mind is the age of the house. Old houses constructed before the 1970s probably have old pipes, which could be a source of slab leaks. For this reason, it is advisable to have a plumber check the house for any leaks.

Secondly, if you as the homeowner incur exorbitant water bills which you are unable to account for, then you probably are a victim of a slab leak. It is therefore prudent to have a professional plumber inspect the house at once. This will go a long way in preventing substantial damage to your property since slab leaks lead to a weak house structure.

Thirdly, homeowners should keep an eye out for the presence of hot spots on the floor of the house or wet carpet or water on the floor. Fourthly, mind wet baseboards. All these are indications of potential slab leaks.

How do we locate the leak?

We first do a feasibility study to find out how your system was installed. We then check your water meter and conduct an initial water pressure test of the system. Lastly, using our electronic listing and tracing equipment we locate the slab leak.

The goal of our electronic leak detection service is to pinpoint the actual problem of the water system, especially where the slab leak is, which then allows us to come up with the best way to solve the problem.

There are four ways of conducting slab leak repairs:

  • Direct Access. This repair option involves hammering a spot on the floor on the leaking section, then carrying out the repairs. This option is not usually recommended due to its effects. It is short-lived and very disruptive. The process is also not practical if the leak is at the cabinetry, permanent plumbing fixtures or below walls.
  • Pipe Re-Route. This is the most recognized option by the majority of insurance companies. The process is regarded as the standard option and it involves running a new water line through the ceiling and walls of the house to replace the ones that are in the floor or slab. This option is recommended where the leaking lines are short and cannot be repaired with epoxy restoration.
  • Epoxy Restoration. This option utilizes only two access points for repair. It is more efficient than the two previous methods. This is ideally the best and most effective way of dealing with slab leaks. Epoxy restoration is cost-effective and applicable in all circumstances except where the re-routes are short.
  • Re-Piping. This method utilizes the Pro Pex expansion system for fittings together with the Aqua Pex product.

The time duration for repairing slab leaks

The severity and location of your slab leak will be the determining factors of how long it will take to repair it. For instance, a simple slab leak that is relatively shallow and located in the crawlspace can take a maximum of half a day to fix. On the other hand, for deeper and foundational leaks, the repairing process and period can take up to three working days, since the process may involve the removal of concrete and replacement of pipes.

The process includes conducting the leak detection services, then lining and reinstatements. If the condition of the slab prevents a quick repair, then this prompts for the installation of a temporary by-pass line to ensure a constant supply of water is not interrupted.

Home owner’s insurance policy covers

Insurance policy covers vary from one insurance company to another. From a general point, one expects the insurance policy cover purchased to be inclusive of the cost of leak detection services, isolation, and line access, drying out, and restoration of the home’s state before the occurrence of the leak. In most cases, it is paramount to note that most insurance companies do not cover the cost of plumbing repairs.

We detect slab leaks in Ladera Ranch

According to a report published in the year 2008 in Water Intelligence Online, slab leaks and pinhole leaks in water systems have been reported in most states and urban areas. An estimated number of 8.1 percent of homeowners have nationally reported cases of slab leaks and between 21 and 60 percent of houses in certain communities have reported pinhole leaks.

This is an alarming figure and calls for constant inspections of home water systems in order to avoid the damages occasioned by slab leaks. Luckily, you can depend on Emergency Home Solutions to help you by offering dependable leak detection and repair services across the Orange County area, including the best leak repair service in Mission Viejo, reliable leak detection in Lake Forest, and many more. Call today!

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