Slab leak Repair and Detection Anaheim

Slab leak repair and detection Anaheim

A slab leak is a problem that many people face in their homes. In most cases, this problem happens without the owners of the house noticing it. Over time, a slab leak causes the foundation of the house to be damaged. The area around the house is also harmed by a slab leak. This problem occurs when the water pipes under the concrete floor of your house leak. There are a number of ways to detect slab leaks in your home. Read on to find out how. If you have an immediate need call us and we can be at your home immediately.

How to detect slab leaks

One of the ways through which you can detect slab leaks in your home is if you see some mildew or droplets of moisture under the carpet. In addition to that, if your floor develops cracks or your linoleum floor develops bubbles, you have a case of a slab leak. This is because the water from the leak collects around the leaking pipe and eventually goes upwards into the floor.

You can also take a walk around your house to see if there are any pools of water that have collected against your walls. Moreover, check for growth of moss or mold. If you have any of these and they have not been caused by excessive irrigation, then you have a slab leak.

If the slab leak is from a hot water pipe, then a specific area of your floor is going to feel warmer than the rest. Moreover, you can detect a slab leak by hearing the sound of running water under your house. When your house is completely silent, you can listen carefully and detect a slab leak.

Slab leaks can cause baseboards and walls to develop cracks. So if you see any, look into it, since you could be dealing with a case of a slab leak. The leak affects the walls by causing the slab of your house to shift. The slab is made of concrete and steel. As such, it is very strong and will not break. However, when water pools up under it, the whole thing can begin to shift and cause cracks in your walls.

If you have a swimming pool and you observe that it is losing water constantly without any visible causes, then you’re dealing with a slab leak. The leak can also cause reductions in water pressure at your house. This is because slab leaks often occur in the main water pipe running under your house. Thus, the leak causes your house to get less water supply leading to a reduction in water pressure.

If you observe that your water bill has shot up suddenly, then you need to check for a slab leak. You can actually lose a lot of water from a slab leak and it will reflect in your water bill. Actually, a leak the size of a pinhole can cause you to lose 10,000 gallons of water per month. This amount will reflect in your water bill and cause it to rise astronomically.

If you observe some of these symptoms in and around your house and decide to confirm if you are indeed dealing with a slab leak, this is what you should do. Turn off all water faucets, switch off the dishwasher and washing machine. Also, ensure that your toilet is not running. After that, take a look at your water meter and see its behavior. The dial in the meter should be stationary. If it is moving, then you have a leak in one of your pipes. Combining this information and the signs in the house, you have determined that you need to address a slab leak. Call the experts at the slab leak repair & detection Anaheim service.

Also, you can have a look at the leak detector in your meter. This is a small device that often looks like a black or white triangle. If this device is spinning or moving, then you have a leak to deal with. Moreover, you can look at the numbers of your meter when there is no water running in the house. Keep the faucets off and wait for a half hour. Check the numbers on the meter again and see. If they have changed at all, then you have a leak. If they have changed by a big margin, then the leak you are dealing with is serious and needs prompt attention.


Slab leaks are caused by a reaction between water and the pipes that are made of copper. This is common in houses that were built in the 1970s. Initially, technicians thought that slab leaks are caused by improperly installed pipes, installation with excess soldering flux or the pipes getting broken by rocks or rebar. However, it has been determined that the reaction is the sole cause of slab leaks. However, the likelihood of pipes developing slab leaks is increased by factors such as high water pressure and excessive stress caused by high temperatures.

Solutions for a slab leak

The solution to a slab leak depends on the severity of the case. If the slab leak is detected early, it can be fixed in a few hours. However, if the slab leak is serious and has affected the foundation of the house, it will take up to 3 days to be repaired. This is because the concrete needs to be taken out and the leaking pipe replaced with a new one.

The slab leak is detected using an electronic detector. This detector identifies exactly where the leak is. This saves the repair technicians a lot of time in their task. Slab leaks can be repaired in various ways. The plumbing technician can replace the entire pipe or they can inject some epoxy into the pipe and thus seal the leak. This is an effective and efficient solution. Ensure that you contact a professional plumbing technician, for example Slab Leak Repair and Detection Anaheim, to repair your slab leak. This is because they will have the equipment and skill to perform an epoxy injection. This solution is common for slab leak cases that are mild to medium. For severe cases of slab leak, the best solution is complete replacement of the pipe that is leaking.

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