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Expert slab leak repair and detection in Laguna Nigel

When dealing with a slab leak, you could experience some other serious problems that might be hard to fix. To solve the problem before it gets out of control, you have to go through the entire process of a slab leak repair. Hiring a Slab Repair and Detection expert in Laguna Nigel experts may be the best solution.

What are slab leaks?

A concrete slab is the part of your house directly built on the soil or a foundation and it offers basic support for your home. A slab is usually made of concrete and also reinforced with bars. This allows your home to remain on a solid foundation, which serves to regulate temperature and reinforce your home’s strength and stability.

A slab leak refers to leakage in any of the water lines that run below the concrete floors of your home. If the leaks are above the floor then they are pinhole leaks.

Why do slab leaks occur?

Generally, leaks normally result from reactions between the copper pipes and water. In the past, people thought that leaks were a result of poor installation practices, a lot of soldering flux, non-reamed piping, contact with concrete, rocks, or rebar, but these causes are much less common.

How can you identify the leakage?

Experts fully understand water system installations. Due to their experience, they are able to identify the leaks easily using electronic listing and other tracing equipment.

You can depend on leak symptoms to know whether you need a slab leak repair. Some of these symptoms include:

• The sound of running water when you have turned all water systems off

• Hot spots on your floor indicating leakages of hot water lines

• Some cracks on your floor or walls

• Excessive moisture or mildew under your carpets signaling a cracked slab

• Higher water bills suggesting there is water leakage behind your wall, under your floor or even in your pool

Breaking into a pool deck or a slab without any positive confirmation of a leak is not acceptable. Never allow any person to dismantle your property simply to search for a leak. A slab leak search requires a thorough process that demands a lot of experience and expertise.

To identify a leak without destroying your property, a technician should use electronic amplification equipment and electronic magnetic pipeline locators. With the proper equipment, a technician will easily identify and repair a leak with minimal property disruption. In most cases, this may only require removing a single tile.

Leak detection trained technicians use non-invasive leak detection equipment which enables them to locate a leak accurately. By doing this, they are able to save a lot of time and also avoid any unnecessary property damages.

How do you repair the leak?

Experts utilize the most common industry fixes alongside single line epoxy repair systems. After locating and isolating the leak, a technician informs you about the various repair options for the specific problem and all the associated expenses. The goal is usually to assist you in making an informed decision about the course of action.

The repair options may include:

Spot repair

This repair option requires a technician to open up a slab at the exact point of the leak and then repair the leaking pipe. This method is cost-effective and mostly for new constructions.

Rerouting or re-piping

This repair option involves removing the entire line which is leaking and replacing it with a new one. This method is very effective for older plumbing systems and mostly ones with a leakage history.

Epoxy pipe-coating

This repair option is suitable for plumbing systems that have a series of leaks. A technician applies epoxy through the inside of the plumbing. A series of leaks renders other repair options cost-prohibitive and some individuals may not like having a slab dug for a leak repair.

What does a homeowner’s insurance policy exactly cover?

Insurance policies vary considerably between insurance companies. Typically, an insurance company can cover leak detection service, system access, and isolation, dry out, and property restoration to the state before the leak occurred. Insurance companies will not cover the plumbing repair costs. You should, however, expect exceptions to all of the above.

Furthermore, insurance companies’ responses vary substantially from job to job within the same company and from one company to another for a similar problem. If you have an insurance agent, you should consider talking to them without filing any claims. It is best to know what your insurance policy is all about.

What is the cost of finding and repairing a leak?

Most slab leak repair and detection service companies will offer their services at varying rates. Generally, a professional service company will locate, isolate, and even repair and patch any access holes for an amount not exceeding $ 1,500. Within the industry, the service ranges between $2000 and $ 5000 or even more by the time the entire process is complete. It may also involve finishing.

How long does a repair take?

Normally, a slab leak repair will require a two-day process. On the first day, a technician will conduct a leak detection service and make preparations for the repair work taking place the second day. They will provide for lining and reinstatement. But if the condition of the system does not allow a quick repair, they may install a temporary by-pass line. This way you will not be inconvenienced by having the water shut off.

Our slab leak experts in Laguna Nigel will minimize risks

Repairing a slab leak is very important, although the process is very hard at times. Failing to repair a leak can lead to significant water damages in your house. It leads to structural damages and dangerous mold problems. Professionals for slab leak repair and detection in Laguna Nigel will conduct the whole process, from the location to the repair. And very importantly, we will repair it in a way that prevents the problem from recurring.

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