Slab Leak Detection: Symptoms and Repair

Thermal imaging - Slab Leak Detection Orange CountyThere are some tell-tale signs that you have a slab leak at your home. In order to be sure what they are dealing with, experts have developed some amazing tools and techniques.

If you suspect that you may be experiencing this problem, do not hesitate to consult the experts on the matter – Emergency Home Solutions are the slab leak detection Orange County’s finest. Here are the details on slab leaks.


  1. If your water bill is higher than usual, it could be an indication that you have a slab leak.
  2. A bit more telling is the appearance of mold or moisture on the floors or carpets, which cannot be explained.
  3. Cracking on the walls or floor is also a possible indication to keep an eye on.
  4. One of the most common ways people have been able to identify the leak is the sound of running water, even at times when all water is turned off.
  5. Finally, if there is a hotspot somewhere along your floor, that might be an indication of a hot water pipe leak.

The easiest way to determine if there is a leak is by performing a meter test on your water meter. It is really simple. Turn off all the water at your home. Check the numbers on the water meter. Return after some time (30 minutes to an hour). If the numbers on the meter have changed, the leak exists.

Finding the leak

A true expert will not just randomly break down your slab in order to find the leak. If your handyman suggests such a thing, he is not an expert. There is a process, and it involves some technology and some knowledge.

There are several types of detection devices. From thermal imaging to electromagnetic pipe locators, the technology helps professionals to perform slab leak detection in Orange County homes quickly and efficiently.

What is important is that these methods are non-invasive. That’s good for two main reasons. First of all, it saves a lot of time. And with saving time, it also reduces the amount of damage done by the leak, as well as the cost of the extra water which was wasted. More importantly, however, the non-invasiveness means that there is little to no physical damage done to your home.

Repair options

Once the leak has been detected, there must be some level of property damage, as the slab needs to be broken into. However, such a targeted damage is far better than going in blind. If you are lucky, the amount of damage will be no bigger than the size of a floor tile. Some of the most typical repairs are:

Spot repair

Spot repair is usually performed with newer plumbing systems, where it is unlikely that the pipe will break down again anytime soon. It involves drilling above the leak, fixing it, and closing the slab.


With older systems, which are expected to leak again rerouting or repiping is the more cost-effective option. What it means is that the whole section of the pipe is to be replaced with a new, sturdier pipe. The damage to the slab is somewhat more extensive, though.


If there isn’t a single leak, but a number of smaller leaks throughout the system, it would be extremely expensive and impractical to replace the piping. That’s where epoxying is applied. A coating of epoxy is applied on the inside of the pipes to seal the leaks.

Slab leak detection in Orange County has been made easy by Emergency Home Solutions. If you are suspecting this home emergency, contact us as soon as possible.