How to Fix a Constantly Running Toilet?

November 27, 2019

A running toilet is no laughing matter and it should be fixed as soon as possible. When you notice any of the characteristic signs, calling an emergency plumber in Coto de Caza is advised. This will prevent the potential rise in monthly bills and more serious issues, such as plumbing backing up.

Although a running toilet might not prompt you to action at once, like a clogged sink would, it is still an inconvenience. Here are the reasons why something like this happens and some tips on how best to deal with it.

Why is my toilet running constantly?

Knowing the reasons your toilet is running helps in remedying the problem easier. Luckily, this issue is usually fixed easily, similar to stopping a shower head from leaking.

Bad flapper

Every toilet has a flapper, a rubber plug inside it which controls when water is distributed from the tank to the toilet bowl. It’s connected to the chain and moves only when the chain is pulled. Over time, it can deteriorate and not be able to fully stop water flow, causing leaks.

Problematic toilet chain

The chain raises and lowers the flapper, but only in proper conditions. It needs to be an adequate length, so check if it’s not too short or too long. It can also get unhooked so that it can no longer form a seal and stop the water flow.

High level of water

After each flush, the water in the tank goes back up to a certain level. It that level becomes too high, water will fill the overflow tube and create a constant running sound.

Will a running toilet increase water bill?

As with any other plumbing issue, a running toilet can most definitely increase your monthly water bill, by as much as a few hundred dollars. Imagine this – you are out of your house, perhaps in Dove Canyon Golf Club, and the toilet is running all the time. The overall water usage will rise, just as if the toilet was being constantly used.

This is going to happen constantly before the issue is noticed and taken care of. Leakage is more probable in older toilets and can cost you more money. In these cases, the running toilet should be assessed to see if it’s worth fixing or if you would be better off with a new one altogether.

How do you fix a toilet that keeps running?

So, you’ve noticed your toilet is running all the time but you don’t know what to do next. Even if you’ve found out the particular reason for this, the repair process is best left to professionals. Here’s what they might do in the process.

  • Open the tank – Lift the tank lid so access is provided to the inside.
  • Lengthen the chain – Unhook it from the handle and rehook to one of the following links for more leeway.
  • Replace the float ball – It floats inside the water tank and can begin to leak. It should be detached from the rod and then replaced with a new one.
  • Adjust the height – This can be done either by sliding a clip on the side of the float or adjusting the screw at the end of the metal arm.
  • Clean the tank – Turn off water supply and clean the whole water tank.

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