How complicated can water damage cleanup be?

February 3, 2017

Scope of Water Damage in Coto de CazaIf you have ever been faced with water damage, you know just how destructive it can be. Basically, no part of your house is safe from it. However, apart from the sheer destructive power, water damage is worrisome for another reason too – the mess.

If you take into account all your possessions that may be destroyed, the mess can be devastating. However, let us focus on the damage to the house itself. How much could water damage actually destroy? If you are facing these problems, and need help with water damage in Coto de Caza or anywhere else in Orange County, contact the best in the business – Emergency Home Solutions. With the best and latest equipment, and skilled workers, Emergency Home Solution can ensure that you keep the cost to the minimum.

Cleaning up

Probably the starting point of any restoration work is cleaning up the mess. If the water came from a burst pipe in your home, the cleanup process is fairly simple, water is soaked up, and the excess dampness in the air is removed with a dehumidifier. However, if the water comes from any other source, like a flood or sewage spill, the cleanup gets far more complicated. Not only do you need to clean it, you also need to disinfect everything.

Replacing the floors

If your home has been water damaged, the most sensitive part are definitely the floors. No matter how deep the water is, the floors are always affected. You can immediately count all the carpets ruined, and in need of replacement. In most cases, the floor tiles can withstand some water, so they will only require cleaning. Wood floors are tricky, though. Depending on the amount of water damage, and its duration, wood floors can range from undamaged, to completely ruined, which drastically changes the final cost of the cleanup.


Another part of the house that always gets damaged are the doors; at least the bottom part. This part of the cleanup again depends on the amount of damage. If you have full wood doors, they are likely only slightly damaged, and potentially in need of a paint job. However, most doors are plywood or other materials. These materials swell when in contact with water, which makes them useless, and they are likely going to have to be replaced. Modern PVC and metal doors should fare best in these situations, with only washing required.

Electrical problems

If the water came in contact with electricity, you may need some electrical work done as well. However, most homes have fuses which disconnect the electricity immediately in these kinds of situations.


The most likely cause of water damage in the first place, plumbing is often in dire need of repair by the time all of the mess has been cleared away. Even if it is not the cause of the water damage, chances are that the external cause has done some damage to your plumbing. Check it, to make sure you don’t have a similar problem in the near future.

Insulation damage

The walls themselves can withstand a lot of damage as well, especially when the water has been standing for a while. Within the walls is the insulation which keeps our homes just the way we like it. However, if the water seeps through the walls and into the insulation, this can be ideal place and conditions for mold growth.


Finally, when all has been cleaned and checked, you are left with repainting just about everything. This can actually be a fun part, since it gives you the opportunity to change something in your home.

Restoring water damage in Coto de Caza and across Orange County is the domain of Emergency Home Solutions. If you are experiencing water damage, or any other plumbing emergency, contact Emergency Home Solutions today.