Can Water Damage in Foundation Be Prevented?

October 30, 2019

Water damage is not always easy to spot, especially water damage in foundation. It can be tricky, so if you’re suspecting water damage in Huntington Beach, you might need professional assistance. They can help you protect your house from water damage and check if your homeowner insurance covers water damage. But first things first: is it possible to prevent and how can you prevent water damage to your foundation in the first place?

Can water damage your foundation?

Yes, it most definitely can, all that it needs are proper conditions and your foundation can be in danger. But, just as there are signs of water damage in walls, there are ways to spot water damage to your foundation before it’s too late.

Water in basement

This problem might be caused by bad plumbing, in which case you will be facing it often if not properly addressed. But it could also mean that it originated from cracks in the foundation and found its way into the basement.


Some cracks appear in a foundation as a normal consequence of the passing of time, but some are more serious. When you find horizontal or stair-step cracks in your foundation, it means there is a serious issue which might be related to water damage.

Jammed windows or doors

If you suddenly notice window frames or doors are getting jammed when they never used to, it could indicate water damage in foundation. Excess water can shift the foundation or get absorbed by the frames, which in turn get warped.

Can concrete foundation be water damaged?

All types of foundation can be water damaged if the problem isn’t fixed in time. Here’s what can happen.

Pressure on the foundation

When the foundation is under pressure from moisture accumulated in the ground, the aforementioned cracks can appear. The amount of pressure depends on the type of soil surrounding your house, as well as the type of concrete used during construction.

Soil erosion

When an amount of water sits in soil, it will erode it over time. When erosion starts, the consequences can be dire, regardless of the foundation type of the house. If a part of soil is washed away, the nearby part of the foundation can collapse.


When a slab leak occurs under your foundation it can cause great pressure and destabilization. This can create multiple cracks and in turn compromise the overall integrity of the concrete, which will collapse over time.

How do you prevent water damage to foundation?

Luckily, there are several ways to protect your foundation from water damage and here are some of them.

Keep gutters and downspouts clean

Gutters and downspouts are there to get rid of excess water, but this can’t happen if they become clogged and full of debris. Make sure the downspouts are sending water away from your house and extend them if needed.

Install a sump pump

Groundwater can often find its way to your foundation and home, so it’s best to act in advance an invest in a sump pump. It will collect and get rid of the permeating groundwater.

Regularly check the foundation

Every once in a while, go around the house and inspect the foundation for any possible cracks. If you find them, be sure to seek professional advice on your course of action going forward.

EHS can help you avert water damage in Huntington Beach

If you want to be sure you’ve done everything you can to prevent water damage to your house, call EHS. We will do a complete inspection of your house and its surroundings and remedy any possible water damage or warn you of any water damage risks. We also handle any kind of water damage emergency swiftly and expertly! With us by your side, you will be more at ease, so why not go visit Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve? For a great preparedness level, regular inspections and spotless restoration, call us today!