Water damage restoration in Laguna Niguel

October 21, 2015

Water Damage In Laguna NiguelWater damage can strike any home at any time. It can be a result of anything from a natural disaster like heavy showers and floods to a broken pipe. In any case, home and business owners need professional help to deal with water damage and the restoration afterwards.

A number of property owners choose not to contact a professional to deal with water infiltration problems, because the damage doesn’t look serious enough to them. However, water damage may take time to show.

Water Infiltration is a Big Deal

The very moment water floods your property or part of it, damage has begun. Water can cause major harm regardless of its source – be it a roof that leaks, a burst pipe or an improperly installed window. If the problem comes to a certain size, the safety and health of the residents can be in danger. Water infiltration can cause problems with electricity and even fire, injuries to the residents from a falling drywall or other building material.

If the problem isn’t thoroughly dealt with because it seemed minor, it’s almost certain mold will crop up in the places that weren’t dried as they should have been. Mold necessitates a prompt response as it can cause a lot of serious respiratory and allergy issues to those who spend time in a moldy space. The usual practice is to have the residents out while professionals deal with the mold – that’s just one indicator of how big a problem this is.

Water Damage Can Happen in Surprising Places

Only a trained expert can really assess the scale of a water damage problem. For this reason, insurance companies prefer to work with professional restoration services, because they can guarantee a job well done. A trained individual has not only the necessary knowledge, but the tools as well, to check for any damage that’s not obvious or easily accessible.

If you choose to tackle a water infiltration problem without a professional, you risk leaving hidden damage untreated. Sometimes this can be roof decking, trusses or wall members. By hiring expert licensed contractors in Laguna Niguel like Emergency Home Service, you will be absolutely certain your home or business property is well taken care of and protected from the current and future damage.

Time is of utmost importance when you’re experiencing water damage in your home or business. The damage is worsening or spreading every moment, so you need to react promptly. Calling a professional to help you is the best and wisest solution that will save you the headache, time and money.

What Should You Do if You Suspect Water Damage

Water damage is often very easily noticeable, like in the cases when a broken dishwasher discharges water all over your kitchen, a burst pipe floods your floor or broken sprinklers dump water in your home. On the other hand, the pipe may burst in a series of small holes resulting in a soaked wall or floor, which could be more difficult to spot. Regardless of how obvious the problem is, you should follow these steps to contain the damage and if possible minimize it:

  • Turn off and/ or unplug electrical appliances to prevent fire
  • Remove objects of value and money
  • Remove built up water using cloths, mops and pails
  • Open the door and windows to speed up the drying process
  • Contact trained professionals in Laguna Niguel like Emergency Home Service
  • In the case of severe damage, your water damage restoration contractor should contact your insurance provider

These steps should help you speed up the restoration process and enable you to get back to your normal everyday activities as soon as possible.

Choose a Contractor You Can Trust

Emergency Home Service is a trustworthy and reliable water damage restoration service in Laguna Niguel. All our technicians are highly trained and licensed with extensive experience in tackling any type of problem that affects the infrastructure of your home. They are also equipped with diverse advanced tools that allow them to do their job thoroughly. You can depend on us to be there for you 24/7/365 ready to mitigate and eliminate the consequences of water damage on your property. Don’t hesitate to call us today if your home has been struck by water damage in Laguna Niguel.