Water Damage Huntington Beach

According to statistics from various insurance companies, homeowners can prevent most incidences of water damage. Reports claim that most households incur substantial losses as a result of water damage. One secret of avoiding massive losses caused by water damage orange county is identifying the possible threats. Not all households in Huntington Beach are subjected to the same water damage threats. Some are at a higher risk than others. Here are the most common causes of water damage.

Heavy rainfall

Most insurance companies report that rain accounts for about 10 percent of the water damage claims. Going by this figure, it is clear that you cannot afford to ignore the rain, regardless of the amount. Sometimes that little amount of rainfall can be considered harmless, but it may slowly corrode the building structure, exposing your house to bigger and more damaging risks. It can weaken the foundation or damage the interior. Other times, you may have to deal with extreme weather conditions such as floods which can result in a massive destruction.

Plumbing issues

Plumbing problems are the most common sources of water damage in Huntington Beach. Such incidences include pipe bursts, broken sinks, blocked sewer systems, clogged drainage and leakages. Some plumbing problems can be detected early enough to allow room for quick, appropriate measures. Others, such as minor pipe leakages can go for days without being discovered. However, if they stay for too long without being attended to, they can cause severe water damage aliso viejo. The good news is that professional plumbers can easily handle most plumbing issues.

Faulty house appliances

Some home appliances use water when executing their functions. Such appliances include dishwashers and hot water tanks. Other appliances such as fridges can be used to store water. A problem on such machines can lead to massive water damage. For instance, if the unit has weak hoses or rusty pipes, it will allow water to leak leading to water damage irvine You can avoid such problems by replacing older appliances with new ones. You should also keep inspecting the machines to determine their condition.

Poor ventilation systems and malfunctioning air conditioners

Another silent cause of water damage mission viejo is reduced circulation of air in the room. Poor circulation could be as a result of faulty heating and air conditioning units or a bad ventilation system. Due to the poor conditions, the environment in the house will be extremely humid, and this will lead to water damage. Schedule routine maintenance from HVAC experts in Huntington Beach so that your system can be checked.

Although some causes of water damage may not be controlled, the extent of harm can be minimized. Arranging periodic inspections from reputable water damage professionals is one of the major steps that you can take to be safe. At Emergency Homes Solutions, we do inspections to test your water damage preparedness level. In case the damage has already occurred, we help to make your house habitable again.

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