Full-Service Water Damage Restoration Services in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

When a water line breaks or a plumbing fixture leaks, it may seem like the time to panic. While water damage can become quite severe, you can minimize the damage and get your home back in working order by calling in professionals. EHS is the leading water damage restoration service provider in Orange County; with cutting edge equipment and over 10 years of experience, we are the only company that can guarantee flawless results every time. For your Rancho Santa Margarita home don’t settle for anything less than the best, our experience and vast industry knowledge allows us to assess and remedy your water damage situation quickly and efficiently.

Rancho Santa Margarita is one of Orange County’s newer residential communities that is home to a population of almost 50,000 people. As one of the most upstanding residential areas in Orange County, Rancho Santa Margarita housing communities are regulated by several large home owner associations and are some of the most well maintained residential areas around. With homes sitting on rolling hills with breathtaking views, it is no wonder Rancho Santa Margarita residents take such good care of their homes. If your home in Rancho Santa Margarita is experiencing water damage, don’t hesitate to call EHS immediately.

We handle other water damage-related issues across the area

As if water damage isn’t bad enough, it can lead to mold, wood rot, and other issues that can affect your home’s stability and property value. At the first signs of water damage, it is important to call in a professional water damage restoration company. EHS is Rancho Santa Margarita residents’ go-to expert. Easy to spot signs of water damage include water spots on ceilings and walls, warped flooring, a damp smell, as well as cracking of your roof. Catching water damage in the early stages can prevent serious damage to your home.

One of the most common results of water damage is mold growth. EHS has been certified by the EPA to remove most types of mold. Mold can cause health issues and must be removed as soon as it is discovered. EHS has over ten years of experience with mold removal and treatment making us experts that will get it out of your home as quickly as possible. If mold is discovered during your water damage restoration service, our technicians will take care of it.

We offer 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services in Rancho Santa Margarita & the area

Water damage can strike at any time, whether it’s a plumbing issue or your neighborhood’s sewage system. Whatever the cause, it is often unexpected and can take a huge toll on your home. EHS offers 24/7 emergency services that ensure you can address your water damage issue no matter when it occurs. Our technicians will respond promptly to your call and will completely repair the damage as quickly as possible.

While dealing with water damage can be stressful, at EHS, we go above and beyond to provide top-notch customer service and high-quality water damage restoration services across Rancho Santa Margarita and the area. We provide efficient water damage repair assistance in Laguna Niguel and deliver comprehensive water damage and mold restoration services across Lake Forest and the surrounding areas. Don’t entrust such a delicate matter with just any water damage restoration company, our years of experience, vast knowledge, and dedicated team will ensure that your water damage issue is handled with the utmost care.

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