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What To Do When Your Home Or Office Gets Flooded

Several factors can cause water damage in your home or office. One of them could be a problem with your drainage system, where pipes burst, letting the water flow into the rooms. Another reason could be due to erratic weather conditions in Laguna Hills. Storm and heavy downpour can result in uncontrolled flow of water into your home. This unwanted water will wreak havoc in your house, and you will want to drain it out as soon as possible so that you can resume your normal life. Here are the things that you should do when your home or office suffers from water damage.

Turn off the electricity

One thing that can easily cause death or serious injuries in case of water damage is electrocution. In case uninsulated wires get into contact with the water, the people in the building risk being electrocuted if they wade through the water. If the main electric switch is outside the building, then it would be much easier to turn it off without having to walk through the water. If you are not sure about how to navigate through the whole issue of electricity, contact a local, reliable electrician in Laguna Hills to do it for you.

Deal with the source

If an internal drainage problem has caused the water damage, deal with it as you wait for professional help. Find the origin of the water and cut off any further supply. This mostly concerns leakages and pipe bursts. It is the simplest solution that you can do to avert further losses since it only involves turning off the valve at the main water supply point. In most cases, the main water supply point is always outside the house so you should be able to locate it quickly.

Be cautious before getting into the house

If flooding has caused the water damage, then you need to take extra precautions before stepping into the building. You may never know the danger that may be lurking beneath the water. The water from outside could have swept some reptiles and other dangerous creatures into your house. Sometimes the flooded water might be contaminated with fecal matter and other sources of bacteria. One safety precaution is to wear protective waterproof boots to protect your legs from coming into contact with the water.

Remove your valuables

Water damage can affect some of your most precious household items. These include books, electronics, furniture, and clothes. Try to move them to safe areas before they get damaged by the water (or further damaged). For heavy furniture, protect their legs using plastic or aluminum foils so that they don’t rust or rot.

Call reliable water damage experts

Don’t wait for the situation to get out of control so that you call for external help. Do it early enough to prevent further damage to your property. A professional water damage restoration firm will first assess the extent of the damage before designing a perfect working plan that will work specifically for you. At Emergency Home Solutions, we help to solve any water damage crisis in Laguna Hills regardless of its magnitude.

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