Water Damage San Juan Capistrano

Water damage can be tricky to predict in San Juan Capistrano because there is little rainfall in this area. Hence, most households experience a lot of water damage San Juan Capistrano in case of flash floods and unexpected downpours. Emergency Home Solutions is here to help you in such instances. Regardless of whether the cause of water damage is a mudslide, water runoff, or a dishwasher on the fritz, we are available 24/7 to cater to all your water damage needs.

Emergency Home Solutions

EHS has been in the water damage business for 15+ years and has gained extensive experience while serving the locals of Orange County. We are also insurance specialists whose primary aim is to help our clients reduce out of pocket expenses by maximizing the potential of the claim and a fair coverage from their insurance providers.

Being a multifaceted company, we are also licensed by CSLB to conduct construction consulting. Our vast knowledge on all thing constructions enables us to provide our clients with all services needed to achieve a perfect end product.

Cutting-edge equipment

At Emergency Home Solutions, we use ultra-modern equipment to determine the cause and level of water damage San Juan Capistrano. After that, our highly skilled technicians repair the source of your water damage, remove the affected material, and dry it with thermal dynamic equipment such as HEPA air filtration, dehumidifiers, fans, and negative air pressure machines. These tools ensure that your home is left dry to prevent the chances of mold growth due to sogginess.

Full-service water damage restoration

We specialize in providing full water damage services to San Juan Capistrano residents. Water damage restoration usually requires a few days to return the home to its normal condition. Since we use high-tech equipment, we can complete the job in the shortest time possible while guaranteeing perfect results every time.

Mold and lead remediation

Emergency Home Solutions is certified by the EPA to conduct mold remediation. Mold is dangerous to you and your family once it starts growing in your home. It is known to cause respiratory health issues if not taken care of immediately. We use thermal camera inspection to check for any mold traces hidden in your home. We then use top-notch industrial-grade equipment to ensure that the entire mold in your home is cleared, leaving your home cleaner and safer than when we arrived.

Plumbing and leak detection

Our thermal imaging and leak detection equipment enable us to identify and locate plumbing leaks in your home. We also offer the following plumbing service: water damage, water extraction, sewage extraction, and structure drying.

24-hour services

We provide 24/7 water damage San Juan Capistrano services. Our highly qualified and trained personnel are always available to answer to your water damage concerns all day, every day of the year.

By allowing us to fix and restore your water damage, we guarantee that you are getting the best services for your home. Call us today for premier restoration services at 949 916 0549 Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm or at 949 480 7704 for after-hours emergencies.

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