Everything You Need to Know About a Water-Damaged Ceiling and How to Deal With It

February 26, 2020

The ceiling is one of the high-risk areas that are often affected by water damage. Burst pipes, roof leaks and an overflowing toilet or a bathtub are just some of the causes that should be dealt with promptly to avoid further damage to the property.

Unless you are a plumbing expert, you’ll need to hire a water damage restoration company as soon as possible. The top-notch water repair experts will check your property for water damage and repair it before the issue gets out of hand, destroys your beautiful Corona home and throws your life out of balance.

What causes water stains on the ceiling?What causes water stains on the ceiling

Water stains on your ceiling are sure indicators of a roof, plumbing or heating appliance leak. When this happens, it’s crucial that you have your water damage professional inspect your property and uncover the root cause of the stains. Here are a few sources of the problem that many homeowners face:

  • Leaky pipes
  • Old caulking
  • Faulty insulation that causes pipes to sweat
  • Damaged roof, etc.

Even though the stains are very unsightly and can spoil the interior of your stylish living room, don’t fix them before you have dealt with the underlying issue. Once the main problem is solved, you can clean the stains with bleach, apply a stain-blocking primer, and finish it off with a fresh coat of paint over it.

How do you know if your ceiling has water damage?

The first step of a water damage repair process is identifying the issue. Here are some of the signs that you should watch out for to recognize water damage emergency on time:

  • Discolored water spots and brownish or yellowing stains
  • Strong odor
  • Peeling and cracking paint
  • Bubbly ceiling surface
  • Mold and mildew

Does water stain ceiling mean mold?

Many people falsely believe that mold will appear only after a house has suffered major water damage. Unfortunately, even the tiniest leaks are enough to lead to mold infestation. It spreads extremely fast because the spores are released into the air and can end up in any other part of the house.

Mold needs less than two days to begin to grow, so it’s essential that you act quickly and prevent it from affecting your health negatively. In other words, as soon as you spot a water stain on your wall, be prepared that you might have to deal with mold as well. Removing it on your own can be dangerous, especially if you have to eradicate more harmful species like black mold, so it’s safer to contact the pros.

How do you dry out a wet ceiling? Does water stain ceiling mean mold

The first step to drying your ceiling is repairing the water source. Only then can you take the following steps to ensure that your ceiling will be returned to perfect condition in no time:

  • Rent commercial fans and dehumidifiers because they are more powerful and can run longer
  • Seal the room – you can put plastic sheets over the windows to keep the dry air in
  • Raise the equipment near the ceiling
  • Make sure to empty your dehumidifiers regularly
  • Have the ceiling inspected after the job is done
  • Repaint it

Can you paint over the water damaged ceiling?

Yes, you can paint over the water damage ceiling, but you need to be extra careful. Before you pick the color and rush to the nearby store, you should reach out to reliable water damage pros in your area who will inspect your ceiling carefully to determine the extent of the damage. If there are no severely sagging pieces and everything is still in its place, and they tell you there is no need for the ceiling to be replaced, you can proceed to have it painted.

The team you hire to get the job done will first scrape any loose paint and check for mold. If everything looks good, they will bleach the area and then apply two coats of a stain-blocking primer over the damaged parts.

Finally, painting can start! It’s best to have the entire ceiling repainted than just the affected areas so that they will blend in nicely. Your ceiling will look as if nothing had ever happened!

Book a reliable water damage restoration company in Corona and the area

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