How Does Accidental Water Damage Take Place?

March 31, 2021

One of the biggest headaches for homeowners is water intrusion and the harm it can cause to their personal belongings. It can get even worse if it occurs suddenly and catches you off-guard. Your wallpaper may start peeling off and your floors might begin to buckle, both of which require the work of dependable water damage contractors in Orange County.

A huge part of post-water damage recovery is filing your insurance claim. However, you should first figure out whether the harm occurred accidentally, and this is exactly what we’ll help you do. Keep reading to find out all about accidental forms of water damage.

accidental water damage

What is accidental water damage?

Whether water has soaked your wooden elements or carpets, treating the affected areas can be a long process. If your insurance company grants your claim, it can go a long way in alleviating the situation. But the damage must be caused by an accident for the claim to be accepted.

Accidental water damage refers to unexpected damage to your house or possessions caused by an outside force. A typical example is a burst pipe. Your home insurance may contain cover for accidental damage but it’s generally included as an extra.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, your insurance policy may stipulate repairs coverage for various accidents. For example, you can expect to be covered for drenched drywall after a ruptured water heater or saturated ceiling due to a burst pipe upstairs.

You can obtain accidental damage cover for your property and belongings, but having one doesn’t automatically guarantee coverage for the other. Therefore, bear in mind that there might be some exclusions. For instance, spending a weekend making some DIY repairs and causing a leak in the process usually makes you ineligible for the coverage, unless there’s solid proof that you didn’t bring about the damage.

What is considered sudden and accidental water damage?

Your homeowners insurance may cover sudden and unexpected water damage caused to or by your property. Some of the most common situations that provide coverage include:

  • Broken keys or locks
  • Blocked or broken wires, septic tanks, pipes, and service cables
  • Damaged showers, sinks, pedestals, baths, and basins
  • Broken glass in solar panels, skylights, fan lights, doors, and windows
  • A hole in your attic floor
  • Damage caused by children

In addition, your personal belongings, valuables, and household items may be covered under contents insurance. But again, you’ll rarely come across accidental and sudden damage as a standard offer.

Your possessions are protected by accidental water damage insurance:

  • In your house
  • Within your property’s outside borders
  • While moving to a new property with a professional contractor
  • If you bring them with you on a holiday or traveling around Europe and the UK, provided you have personal possessions coverage.

Just make sure to read your policy terms to determine what you’ll be covered for.

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