4 Ways to Repair a Slab Leak

October 20, 2021

Slab leaks are among the most dangerous plumbing emergencies. Once they set it, you may start to panic from all the water seeping into your home. However, this situation requires you to stay calm and contact trained Irvine slab leak repair specialists to deal with the issue. Once they arrive, they’ll perform appropriate repairs to handle the leak, but what do these fixing methods involve

The answer isn’t straightforward, as there are several repair options plumbers employ to fix slab leaks. We’ll list the most common ones so that you know what to expect in case you encounter a slab leak in your house. Read on! 

What are the different types of repair options for slab leaks? 

If you’re a curious homeowner, you might already know some common facts about slab leaks, such as whether they’re covered by homeowner’s insurance and how bad they can get. That said, you may not be familiar with the way plumbers fix them. Fortunately, we’ll give you the answer right here. 

Here are the four main repair methods for slab leaks: 

1. Direct repair 

The first method is also the most invasive one. Once the plumbers detect the location of the leak, they demolish the concrete and floor with a powerful jackhammer. Then, they excavate the dirt to reach the leaking pipe and repair it. 

While this might be the most efficient fixing method, it’s also quite destructive. It requires you to redo your entire flooring, increasing the total cost. 

2. Digging under the house 

The second method goes a lot easier on the interior of your house. It involves locating the leak with detection equipment, finding the closest exterior wall, and digging an access pit. Afterward, the technicians tunnel horizontally under your slab to reach the leak and fix it. 

The biggest advantage of this method is the ability to replace a larger section of a damaged line. However, you’re limited to what the tunnel can expose. The leak can sometimes can from a line enclosed in concrete that needs to be chipped away with a jackhammer. 

3. Rerouting 

Pipe rerouting doesn’t deal with identifying and fixing just one leak on your waterline. Instead, it boils down to locating the leaking pipe under your slab and figuring out where the ends protrude above your slab. Then, the old pipe is abandoned, and plumbers run a new one through your attic and walls to repair the system. 

4. Pass-through repair

This technique is often overlooked, but it can be highly effective because it also eliminates your entire leaking pipe. Once the points of your leaking line are located, the contractors run a new line through the old one that acts as a convenient sleeve. After passing through the pipe from one end to the other, the professionals reconnect it and restore water. 

Where do I find the most reliable Irvine slab leak repair service? Just dial our number! 

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