What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency?

May 19, 2017

Almost every one of us has had a plumbing emergency in their home at some point. Quite often a DIY plumbing project, a clogged toilet or burst pipes can cause you a headache. The best and the safest thing to do in these cases would be to immediately reach out to a professional. If you are a resident of Laguna Beach, there is a 24/7 emergency plumber Laguna Beach you can call that will respond within an hour.

Your first reaction should be not to panic. Keep your cool and take control of the situation by taking the following steps.

Shut off your water supply

Don’t try to control the flow. Turn off the closest water source as soon as possible. To do so, you have to find and shut off the valve.

In case of a leaking pipe in the kitchen or a bathroom sink, look at the bottom, next to where the pipes enter the sink. The valve is usually plastic or chrome-plated. There’s one for the hot water and one for the cold. Turn it counter clockwise. Use pliers if needed. Your toilet also has a valve. If you have a clogged toilet that can’t be resolved with a plunger, turn the valve off. Washing machines are even easier to manage. Many have a valve that you just push down.

If you can’t find the valve near the fixture, or you can’t find the source of the water leak, you should turn off the water supply to your entire home. To do so, you’ll have to find your main valve. It is close to the place where the cold water pipe enters your home, which is usually outside in Southern California. It is usually red and round and also needs to be shut off by turning it clockwise.

Turn off the water heater

Once the water is off, there’s a big chance your water heater is going to overheat and burst. If you have a gas water heater, first turn off the gas supply. Find the gas pipe and turn the valve handle till the gas stops. In case of an electric water heater, switch off its circuit breaker. Some appliances have a plug. Shut the power off at the breaker box and then unplug the unit.

Run the water out of the system

It’s a good idea to drain the water pipes to prevent further damage. Locate all sink faucets, turn them on and leave them open until the remaining water runs out of the system. Start with the faucets at the lowest point of your home. If you have a garden or a yard, don’t forget the external ones. Water sitting near the foundation can cause damage, so attach a hose to the outside faucets and flush it out.

Call an emergency plumber Laguna Beach

Call an emergency plumber service and ask for a technician as soon as possible. The dispatch operator will most likely ask a few questions and walk you through the necessary steps over the phone. Follow the instructions and wait for the plumber to arrive.

Clean up

If you have time, mop up excess water and move any furniture, so that the plumber can approach the area more easily and start the repairs.

A plumbing emergency can be nothing more than an inconvenience. Taking the above-mentioned steps and calling the right emergency plumber Laguna Beach will make a difference. Emergency Home Solutions offers 24-hour emergency services. Whether it is a tub overflow, water damage or any other plumbing issue, we have you covered night and day, we have you covered night and day.