How to Keep Mold from Taking Over Your Bathroom

November 2, 2018

Regardless of whether you’re aware of it, battling mold in your household is a full-time job. This is especially true for bathrooms as they are the greatest sources of excess water and moisture on which mold thrives. To avoid having an outbreak on your hands and having to call Irvine mold removal services, you should do your best to prevent it from ever appearing. This means taking necessary precautions and introducing some habits which keep black mold in bathroom from appearing.

Keep it clean

A clean bathroom is your best ally in the fight against the appearance of mold and is cheaper than investing in mold removal. Use adequate cleaning products to clean the bathroom walls and tiles as well as all other hard surfaces. Mold can grow in almost any place with enough moisture, so you need to spray everything with products preventing mold growth and wipe it down properly. A weekly cleaning will do, but think about introducing an antifungal spray once a month especially near bathroom ventilation ducts.

Your shower curtain will pick up most of the moisture during showering so it needs to be regularly washed and dried. Bonus points go out to taking care of the moisture post-showering. A squeegee can be your best friend in these situation as you can use it to get rid of almost all the dampness. Take a few minutes after showering to do this and you won’t have to worry about mold appearance or the methods of dealing with mold.

Ventilation can prevent black mold in bathroom

Having an effective fan is almost half the work done in the fight against mold. You can crack open a window after showering and it will help, but not as much as installing an efficient fan. Fans suck the moisture out of bathrooms and send it outside. You need to select the adequate size for your bathroom and see to it that it’s operated properly. This means turning it on for at least 20 minutes after each shower and checking that it’s operational. This way you can also see if the ventilation ducts need to be cleaned as well.

Fix the leaks

Not all moisture and excess water in the bathroom comes from your shower or bath. Leaks from pipes, your sink or the toilet can also create a breeding ground for black mold in bathroom. Check regularly for any types of dripping or leaking in every corner of the bathroom. If you do find it anywhere, don’t leave it for later no matter how small, as mold establishes a stronghold and spreads quickly. Fix it as soon as possible before it brings any more headaches.

Wash the towels and mats regularly

Your towels and any cloths present in the bathroom, such as rugs and mats, should be washed regularly as they can be a great breeding ground for mold. If you wash them together on a regular basis, this decreases the chances of mold appearing on them significantly.

Facing black mold in bathroom? We will take care of it

You’ve tried your best but you still see signs of something that you worry might be black mold? It’s time to call the pros! EHS has been fighting this obnoxious foe for quite some time now and we know every trick it has up its sleeve. We will eradicate every sign of it while having safety in mind. In case you are unsure if what you see means you have mold, we can also come and see what’s the best way to proceed. EHS will take care of every mold-related problem you might encounter, so call us today!