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When water damage strikes your Irvine home, calling in experienced professionals is your best line of defense. EHS has been providing water damage restoration services to Irvine residents for over a decade with consistent results. Due to the serious nature of water damage, the sooner you catch it the better for the health of your home.

A vibrant city of Orange County, Irvine has so much to offer residents and visitors alike. With plenty of entertainment, shopping, and a short drive from beaches, it is no wonder so many come here to settle down. Irvine is home to over 250,000 people and is filled to the brim with things to do, the city has come a long way from its original development back in the 1960’s. The city has earned the title as the safest large city in America, making it a great place to settle down for those who want more than a strictly suburban community lifestyle. With a booming job market, outstanding ratings for safety and quality of life, highly rated educational institutions, and plenty of higher education opportunities, Irvine is being sought out by the thousands as a place to call home.


Who to call for mold or water damage in my home in Irvine?

Water damage that goes unnoticed can have severe repercussions on your home from mold to decreased value of your Irvine property. EHS can help you prevent extensive damage by providing water damage restoration services as soon as you aware of the problem. Our water damage restoration services include several steps, and we use state of the art equipment that speeds up the process so we are in and out as quickly as possible.

For your water damage restoration services in Irvine, we will begin by determining where the water damage is and the root of the issue. Once we have determined where the damage is, we will remove the affected materials for drying. With the use of equipment such as dehumidifiers, fans, Hepa air filtration, negative air pressure machines, and the like, we dry out the damaged materials to restore the area that has been affected.

Our technicians are dedicated to doing their best work during each restoration process to ensure that it is completely repaired and your home can go back to normal. We believe in providing excellent customer service during this stressful time which is why we have several policies that allow us to go above and beyond during the restoration process.

In order to lessen the financial burden, we are able to negotiate your water damage claim on your behalf. By allowing us to take charge of your negotiations, we can increase your changes of maximum coverage and minimal out of pocket expenses. With ten years of experience negotiating claims for our customers, we are proud to say we have been able to consistently significantly cut Irvine water damage restoration expenses for our customers.

In addition to providing claim negotiation services, we offer 24 hour emergency water damage restoration services across Orange County that allow you to address your water damage situation whenever it occurs. With a time sensitive issue like water damage, as soon as you take notice of the warning signs you should call us, even if that means it’s at 5am when you’re getting ready for work. Whether you want to book our dependable water damage restoration services in Tustin or you need our assistance with your water damage repair project in Mission Viejo, you can count on our prompt response and efficient service.


What type of water damage is covered by homeowners insurance?

A lot of people wonder whether the homeowner’s insurance in Irvine, CA covers water damage, and the answer depends on circumstances. If the cause of the damage is neglect, the home insurance won’t cover the damage due to the flooding. Figuring out whether water damage is covered by homeowner’s insurance policy is not always easy to tell. Read more to learn a few general rules that can help you determine whether home insurance covers the damage to your Irvine home or not.

When is water damage covered?

A lot of home insurance policies have the requirement that the damage needs to be internal and sudden and that the water does not reach the home exterior.

The home insurance policy covers water damage under the following circumstances:

  • Damage due to heavy rain or snow
  • Plumbing issues (including bad plumbing, accidental overflowing or frozen pipes)
  • Damage as a result of putting out a fire
  • A leak in the roof (only the interior is covered)
  • Faulty appliances (washing machine, hot tub, etc.)
  • Mold (resulting from the water)
  • Acts of vandalism

When is water damage not covered?

However, there are many cases when home insurance does not cover the damage, mainly in the cases when the damage is not caused by an unexpected mishap. Furthermore, home insurance won’t cover damage that is a direct consequence of neglecting maintenance.

The home insurance policy does not cover water damage if:

  • It resulted from groundwater
  • It came from a sewer backup
  • If it is a result of a flood
  • If the damage or the leak is a result of badly-maintained pipes.

Does home insurance cover mold?

If the mold in your home is a result of flooding damage, home insurance will in most cases cover it. If the mold came as a result of a leaking AC system or burst pipes, the insurance will cover most if not all of the mold removal price, as it belongs to the same category as water damage. The range of the coverage will depend on the insurance company and the policy.

However, if the mold has spread due to neglect, home insurance won’t cover it. For example, if a pipe has been leaking for a while and you haven’t taken any steps to repair it you will not be covered by the homeowner’s insurance. The same goes for homes in humid areas where mold is common such as the bathroom or the basement. Finally, home insurance does not cover mold that resulted from a flood.

In Irvine, California the average percentage of humidity is around 65% and the most humid month is May. In January and February, the chance of precipitation is the highest, while the months between April and October are fairly dry. The highest risk of heavy rain and water damage in Irvine is in February, while July is considered the driest.


How to prevent mold after water damage?

You can prevent the mold from forming after your home has suffered from water by keeping the affected areas dry. Make sure to clean any spills and dry out the leaks as soon as you detect them. You should use any appliances such as fans or blow-dryers, as well as dehumidifiers to keep the humidity as low as possible, as it helps the mold growth.

Make sure to regularly inspect the areas in your home that are most prone to mold forming such as crawlspaces, the basement, the vicinity of the AC or bathrooms. If there are traces of mold forming near an area affected by a leak or any form of flooding, you can try to suppress its growth using bleach.

Categories of water damage

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) classifies water damage into three levels.

The levels of water damage can be classified as follows:

  • Category 1: Clean Water
  • Category 2: Grey Water
  • Category 3: Unsanitary Water

Category 1

If the damage in your home was caused by clean, sanitary water, it is going to be classified as category 1. This includes damage from sources such as toilet tanks, faucets, drinking fountains or water lines. Even though the water may be clean, it can quickly degrade and change to category 2.

Category 2

If the water source that caused the damage is slightly contaminated it is classified into category 2 water damage. This water may result in discomfort or sickness if it is ingested. The usual sources include washing machines, dishwashers, the toilet, and others.

Category 3

Category 3 water damage is caused by water that has very unsanitary contaminants and can cause extreme sickness or in some cases death if consumed. Category 3 is water coming from river floods, sewer backup, toilet overflow or any water that is suitable for bacteria.

What steps to take to minimize the consequences of water damage in your home in Irvine?

Regardless of what caused the damage, there are some universal steps you can take to minimize the damage to your property and more importantly, the lives of you and your family. If you experience flooding in your home in Irvine, here are some steps you should follow.

Safety first

The main thing is to ensure everyone’s safety. Depending on the flooding you and your family might have to evacuate from your home. Before getting back into your home, it’s important to ensure your safety by following these steps:

  • Turn off the electricity. Water and electricity don’t work very well. Therefore, it’s important to shut off the main power supply before coming back into your home. However, if the main power switch is located in a flooded area, you should skip this step and leave it to a professional
  • Wear protective clothing. Make sure to have the proper equipment such as rubber gloves and boots, as well as a protective suit. The water may be contaminated, which is why protection is important.
  • Protect the valuables. Protect your wooden furniture by lifting it off the wet flooring and placing it onto tin foil. Remove any rugs or carpets affected by the water.

Dry the water out

If you manage to remove all the water from your home, all the items and furniture are still going to be wet. If your power supply was unaffected by the water, turn on the AC to remove the humidity from the home. Keep the fan working and use additional fans or dehumidifiers to dry out the rest of your home and help the water restoration process later on. This will help you prevent further issues such as mold. A professional Irvine water restoration company like Emergency Home Solutions can help you completely dry your home quickly and safely.

Clean everything up

Once you’ve dried the home, take a look at all the items to determine what can be saved and what you need to throw away. In some cases, you might have to remove the drywall, insulation or the flooring to avoid mold or mildew issues.

While some furniture pieces might be salvageable, others might have to be discarded based on what amount of damage they’ve suffered. The first 24 hours after the flooding is critical because this is when mold can begin developing. Once it starts, it can be particularly strenuous to remove. In this case, you will need to call in experts like Emergency Home Solutions.


What does water damage restoration entail?

Water damage restoration is a term used to describe professional water damage repair services that encompass several steps. The water damage restoration process refers to the following steps:

  1. Water Remediation
  2. Water Removal or Extraction
  3. Water Mitigation
  4. Flood Cleanup

Water remediation

This is what most people refer to when talking about water damage restoration. This involves the entire process of cleaning up the water after a mishap and includes removal, the drying process and putting everything back after the damage has been handled.

Water removal / water extraction

This process involves removing any water from the affected areas. Professional restoration companies use special tools to extract large amounts of water from the home including professional dehumidifiers and air pumps.

Water mitigation

This process involves both removing the water from the affected area and cleaning up the damage caused by the flooding.

Flood cleanup

When the flood water from the outside pours into your home, professional companies in Irvine are tasked with the cleanup process. Flood water can be highly contaminated and situations like these usually cannot be safely handled without a certified water restoration company. This process is a bit more complex and involves removing the water from the affected area, drying it out and sanitizing it.

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