Water Damage Aliso Viejo

Water damage, regardless of its magnitude, always gives homeowners stress. Apart from causing lots of inconvenience in the house, it provides a conducive environment for mold to grow. Mold requires only a little amount of water to thrive so you should not underestimate the extent of water damage however small it might look. Bearing in mind the destruction that come with mold, residents of Aliso Viejo dread seeing it on their carpet. Mold will not only compromise the quality of the carpet but will also be a health hazard.

Most high-quality rugs come with high price tags, and it would be painful to see them being destroyed by mold. You don’t have to wait for days after water damage has occurred to start protecting your carpet from the mold as it grows fast, meaning that the more you wait, the more extensive the damage will be.

Some of the health complications that under carpet growing mold can cause include breathing difficulties, eye problems and some types of allergies. You should, therefore, start cleaning up your house immediately after water damage occurs to keep the mold in check. In fact, you can do the cleaning using simple tools such as cleaners and fans. Here are some of the steps that you can take to protect your carpet from the mold after water damage.

Get rid of water

You need to eliminate any elements of water in the room. This task requires a powerful and efficient tool such as a dry vacuum as the machine can absorb all the moisture including under your carpet.

Use a fan to speed up the process of drying the carpet

Carpets can take a lot of time to dry up, especially after a massive water damage ladera ranch. Speed fans promote fresh circulation of air and reduce the amount of moisture in the air.

Use a dehumidifier

Water damage always results in high humidity in the affected room. A humid environment will speed up the growth of mold. Dehumidifiers remove all the moisture in the air leaving the entire room dry. This move guarantees the safety of your carpet. In case you don’t own a dehumidifier, you can call a water damage restoration company in Aliso Viejo.

Steam clean the carpet and the floors

Areas that have been affected by water damage tustin need to be sanitized against any future infections by mold. Total sanitation can be achieved by steam cleaning your carpet and parts of the floor that might have been affected.

Clean the furniture

Some parts of the furniture might have been affected by water damage rancho santa margarita. Inspect them and dry them so that they don’t contaminate the floor and the carpet.

As you can see, these procedures are demanding, and they require a high level of expertise. Doing it yourself can result in a shoddy job and that’s why you need to get professional water damage restoration service in Aliso Viejo. At Emergency Home Solutions, we can help keep your home dry and in turn protect your carpet from mold damage. We have the right tools and experienced workforce to perform a complete water damage restoration service.

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