Mold Removal Vs. Mold Remediation: What’s the Difference?

October 2, 2018

If you happen to find mold in your house, you are going to need help getting rid of it. The issue of mold should be addressed as soon as possible since mold is dangerous once the spores go from dormant to active. For utter safety and a most favorable outcome, you’ll need the best mold remediation in Irvine. During your search, you will come across two very similar mold-related terms: mold removal and mold remediation. Although removal would likely be your number one choice, you should also look up the mold remediation definition. That way, you’ll have a clear overview of all your options for dealing with mold beforehand. But worry not, we did the work for you!

What you should know about mold

Mold is present almost everywhere in the from of spores which can spread throughout your house. They thrive in damp conditions and can activate when they find moisture due to excess of water. In areas with plenty of water and humidity, they grow and can be very dangerous for the health of everyone around. Mold is especially detrimental to people with allergies and respiratory issues. It’s always necessary to locate the source of the mold, either through visual inspection or sometimes by a characteristic damp smell.

How does mold removal work?

The process of mold removal is aimed exactly at just that – removing mold and items affected by it from your home. Depending on the area with mold growth, this could mean throwing out moldy carpets, or disposal of items such as clothes, shoes and even food. Apart from that, mold removal includes cleaning mold from all the surfaces where it has been detected, such as any wall near a water source or in the basement.

When removing mold, proper precaution needs to be taken, which means airing out the area, wearing protective clothing and spraying down the places mold has been removed from. All the items need to be carefully collected in sealed bags and properly disposed of. Additional cleaning in the form of mopping, vacuuming or sweeping can also be required.

What is the mold remediation definition?

In case mold occurs again after its removal, you will most probably need mold remediation. It also includes gathering all the mold-affected items and disposing of them, but with additional steps. These steps are aimed at ensuring the mold has been completely eradicated and will not return to your home. It is a necessary process when mold has spread beyond a single room and instead covers a larger area of the property.

There are several steps of the process which falls under the mold remediation definition, depending on the contaminated area size and type. They usually include solving the water-related problem, sealing and isolating the area, applying the appropriate biocide and disposing of the affected items. A higher level of seriousness includes a more detailed process of cleaning and additional decontamination techniques.

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