Why you shouldn’t tackle mold problem alone!

March 28, 2017

Mold Buildup on a Wall - Mold Removal Orange CountyYou can often read articles on the internet about easy ways to get rid of mold. However, be cautious when it comes to mold. Some strains of mold are quite poisonous and can make you seriously ill or even kill you.

For any kind of mold problem, your best option is to call a professional. These people have ample experience with these problems, so they know exactly what to do. For mold removal in Orange County contact Emergency Home Solutions, a company with over 15 years of experience in water damage and all the fallout from it, including mold.

Identify the problem

Before you can even do anything, you first need to establish that you have a problem. Even if you cannot see the mold, there are some common symptoms you may be experiencing which can lead you to believe you have a mold problem. Specifically, coughing, trouble breathing, watery and red eyes and runny nose which persist for longer periods of time and seem to be enhanced when at home.

There are also some relatively harmless strains, such as mildew. However, there are far more harmful strains. Chances are you aren’t qualified to distinguish between the two. That’s why you need expert help.

Mold is tricky

A big problem with mold is that it is extremely resistant. As a general rule, mold grows in humid areas. However, once the humidity is gone, the mold doesn’t die outright. Rather, it goes into stasis, waiting for the next favorable period. If your mold problem stopped after water has been cleared away, do not assume that it is completely gone.

Additionally, there are some places that are inaccessible to most of us, and can only be cleaned by professionals. HVAC systems can be an ideal place for mold to hide from you. Another place which is hard to get is the inside of walls. After water damage, walls can become infected with mold. Most of us are not skilled at remediating damaged walls.

Mold is a water problem

As you surely know, mold grows from water or excess humidity. If you haven’t located the source of said humidity, removing mold isn’t going to do much; it is always going to come back. Mold remediation professionals are able to locate the source of the underlying problem, fix it, and then make sure that the mold is thoroughly removed.

Professionals wear special equipment

Professionals who deal with mold remediation have a variety of professional tools and safety equipment that most of us do not have or need in the long run. Additionally, some chemicals used in remediation are not available to the general public, only to the professionals. Going in with just the basic tools and chemicals is fairly ineffective, and can endanger your health.

At best, mold is an allergen, and at worst it can be highly toxic. When you disturb it, the mold releases spores and other particles in the air, which can cause illness. If you have any kind of pre-existing illness, such as asthma, it can be drastically worsened by mold.

There are very few cases when you can take care of a mold problem alone. Mostly it is when the mold problem is small and in an easily reachable spot. In any other case, you will need help from experts.

Mold removal in Orange County is a fairly requested service, and there are companies which specialize in mold removal and remediation. However, it’s very important to only work with reputable ones. Emergency Home Solutions has been in the business for over 15 years, and we offer a wide range of plumbing and remediation services. Contact today to learn more.