What Are the Causes of Plumbing Backing up and How to Fix It?

December 27, 2019


The main sewer line is the most important part of the plumbing system in a home, but it only gets our attention if it gets clogged. If you need to unclog a main drain, your best choice is to call emergency plumbing services in Coto de Caza. They can take care of other plumbing issues as well, such as a toilet which is constantly running.

There are several signs and reasons for a clogged main drain and sewer backing up. Even if you manage to dissolve hair in the drain, that won’t resolve the underlying problem which is usually more serious. So read on to find out more.

Why is my plumbing backing up?

Just like there are reasons for a dripping shower head, there are reasons for your plumbing backing up. Here are the most common ones.

A clog

Almost all parts of the home plumbing system can become clogged and so can the main sewer line. The problem might be localized to a single toilet or sink and then you are dealing with just one clog. In case the sewage backup is constant, there is definitely a large blockage somewhere along the main sewer line.

Collapsed pipes

Depending on how old your home is, the pipes might be more or less susceptible to damage. As they age, the pipes will first sag, but then also crack or fully break. This also leads to frequent sewage backups.

Tree roots

Your sewer pipes could be located very close to tree roots. As they grow, they can penetrate and break the pipes, causing clogs and sewage backups. They first need to be removed completely and then the pipes should be fixed. Even if there are no trees above your sewer line, the roots can come from neighboring trees.

How do you unclog the main drain?

Even if you think a clogged main sewer line does not present an immediate threat, it should definitely be taken care of as soon as possible. Here are ways to deal with it.

Releasing pressure

First, switch the water off from the main supply. Then, look for the sewer cleanout line, which is usually a small white pipe with a cap on top. Remove the cap, as this should release the pressure and force any water to drain and potentially remove small clogs.

Mechanical cleaning

A must-have tool for this operation is an auger, also known as a drain snake. It is inserted into the drain line until it reaches the clog to try and break it up. Other tool also used by plumbers is a high-pressure water jet that can blow any small roots or debris down the drain and clear the way.

Chemical cleaning

In some cases when tree roots are causing a sewer line clog, using chemicals can help in removing them. This is best left to pros who know what they are doing, as wrong steps can lead to a disaster. They might decide to pour copper sulfate or dichlobenil down the drain, as these substances are known to kill tree roots.

EHS provides exceptional plumbing services in Coto de Caza

If at some point you find yourself dealing with a clogged main drain, EHS is fully equipped to promptly deal with the issue. Not only are we very experienced with these types of interventions, but we will be in and out of your home before you know it. That will leave enough time to visit the RSM Lake and relax.

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