What to Expect During the Water Restoration Process

November 28, 2018

Water damage is a serious issue which can leave homeowners thinking about what to do next. If you have been affected by it, your primary focus should be finding the water source to stop further leakage. If this is too complicated, you will need help from water damage restoration Orange County professionals. The sooner you contact them to start the water restoration process, the better. The scope and duration of the process will depend on many things, including how damaged your home is and what kind of damage you’re dealing with, but the overall steps remain the same.


When you call professionals, they first have to determine where the water came from and cut off the source if you haven’t. They then start the complete assessment of how much damage has been done and in which areas of the household.

There are professional instruments to carefully examine all the floors, carpets and even wet walls so they can create a proper plan to proceed. Preventing further damage is the next top priority, done by acting fast and precise. Sometimes the technicians will introduce dehumidifiers into your home to prevent mold growth.

Water removal as the most important part of the water restoration process

One of the key procedures during the whole process is removing any standing water left behind. This is done by using powerful industrial pumps and vacuums and is not as complex as you might think. After this has been completed, the next step is drying the whole area. Industrial equipment comes handy again, as this time air movers and dehumidifiers are used to get rid of all the leftover moisture or water.

Contractors will have to reach some areas which are harder to access, so don’t be surprised if they have to move carpets or even drill holes in drywall. They will also tape off certain areas to boost the heat and vacuum power, speeding up the water restoration process.

Cleaning and restoration

Drying and containment also requires progress monitoring and changes to the procedure if needed. The equipment might be moved around and air filters might be introduced.

The contractor crew uses special techniques and procedures to save all items which can be cleaned and restored. Don’t worry, every item is individually sanitized and any remaining odor is completely removed so you can use them safely. Any structural damage to your floors and walls will also be remedied and this marks the end of the whole process.

EHS provides premier water restoration process solutions

As soon as you become aware of water damage in your home, call the professionals to prevent any further damage. Emergency Home Solutions has done countless successful interventions in Orange County and beyond and we are proud to say we are the leading water damage expert in the area. We know what to do every step of the way to minimize your stress and expenses, all the while keeping safety in mind. Contact us as soon as you experience any water-related issue so we can bring your home back to normal before you know it!